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In a world where all sources and channels of information are rapidly moving online and into apps for easy access on smart devices- welcome Yalla Shoot, a live scoring app for football fans all over the world.
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Yalla Shoot – The Live Football Scoring App for Arabic Football Fans Everywhere

In a world where all sources and channels of information are rapidly moving online and into apps for easy access on smart devices- welcome Yalla Shoot, a live scoring app for football fans all over the world.

Are you crazy about football? Or if you’re from the Americas, soccer? It doesn’t really matter what you call it –  football, soccer, calcio, futbol – the point is, so are we. We know for a fact that the single most watched sporting event in the world is the FIFA World Cup!  Football matches happen on the regular, but it is difficult to watch every league match live in our busy daily lives. 

 A way to stay updated is to look up matches and scores regularly, but that is tedious and not necessarily something you think to do every day. In fact, keeping manual track of matches as they happen, while perhaps the dream all sports fans wish to be able to achieve, is actually so wearisome it takes some of the fun out of following sports leagues.

What is Yalla Shoot?

Presenting the all in one solution to these needs, Yalla Shoot, an app that keeps track of matches and scores for you, and notifies you of any upcoming matches. That is, all your football viewing needs condensed into one place, just a tap of your finger away.

Use the Yalla Shoot app to follow the calendar of the most important football matches in the world including but not limited to Spanish La Liga, Coppa Italia, English Premier League, German Bundesliga. Quickly get the latest scores and live football action at your fingertips.

The app provides details and information about every champion, championship and team out there. Follow African, Italian and Spanish league matches, UEFA Champions League, and La Liga all in the same place. View live scores and get match updates in your preferred time zone. You can even see match commentators and conveyor channels.

Name derived from a combination of the Arabic and English languages, “Yalla Shoot” is a phrase that means “go on, shoot” or “go through”. The word yalla is an Arabic slang word that means “let’s go”. The word shoot is used synonymously to “shooting” the ball into the goal during a football match.

Rated a strong 4.6 stars out of a whopping 24,010 reviews on the Google Play Store (as of December 17th, 2020, 9:28 PM PKT / 4:28 PM UTC), Yalla Shoot is free to download and use.

Features offered by the Yalla Shoot app:

  • Easily get information and details.

View details about all ongoing competitions, recent competitions, upcoming matches, fixtures, every participating team, and even every player in the team as required.View player details in the details tab on the player screen to see current league, player position, total goals, scored penalties versus missed penalties, player’s own goals, yellow cards and red cards.

  • View match events, results, standings, top scorers and more.

You don’t just get to view team points and goals as they happen, you can also view individual player standings and performances as they happen too. See everything, from which player scored a penalty and when, to who got the last goal in the match events tab on the navigation screen.

  • Ability to enable push notifications for updates.

When you add a team to your favorites, you can get push notifications for any and all updates regarding that team. This includes matches they appear in, their current standings and scores, etc. This means you don’t have to keep checking the app regularly just in case there is an update- and can have the updates delivered to you every time they occur, instead.

  • Modify homepage according to your needs.

You can change the order in which teams or matches appear on your homepage according to your personal preferences. You can do this according to time zone, match timings, specific championships, your favorite teams, or you can choose to list matches in order of importance to you.

  • Night Mode

Night (dark) mode available to go easy on the eyes and to suit modern aesthetics of many app users. Of course, you can use light mode if that suits you better.

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

Additional mode available in app settings.

  • Language Support (English, Arabic)

Although designed for sports fans in Arabic speaking countries to begin with, Yalla Shoot now supports English as well. If you don’t speak either language and are still looking for all of the features that the Yalla Shoot app provides, you would be glad to hear that the app’s layout and interface is so intuitive, you should be able to use it even without fluently speaking Arabic or English.

Additionally, team and league logos are displayed on the app screen so you don’t have to do much reading or put much effort into understanding scores anyway.

  • Hide unwanted championships and matches

We understand that even if you are an avid football fan, there may be some leagues you can’t be bothered with- or just matches you are not necessarily too invested in. There might even be leagues or teams you can’t stand- so the ability to filter content according to what you enjoy viewing is important, and is available in the app. Easily choose to hide any championship you wish to stop receiving updates about or seeing in your home feed.

And that isn’t the end of what they offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the Yalla Shoot app’s other services:

Want to watch a football match while it is happening?

Yalla Shoot also offers a streaming service where you can view the matches in app so you don’t have to look up or subscribe to several different streaming services.

Didn’t catch a match live? You haven’t lost your chance to watch it! You can still watch match videos, even if the match took place a month ago, at your own time by choosing a video from the video archive.

Yalla Shoot also offers information about which sports channels are covering the matches live so you can switch over to the right TV channels in case you can’t use your cell phone / don’t want to use your cell phone to view a certain match.

Device Compatibility:

Compatible with androids 4.2 and above, and given that the most recent / current android version is Android 10, the Yalla Shoot app is compatible with most if not all currently widely used android devices. All you really need to get going is a stable internet connection.

If you are a football fan and are seeking the convenience of match updates and livestreams in one place, your quest ends at Yalla Shoot. Join the one million plus people who downloaded the app and follow your favorite sport to your heart’s content.


The app is regularly updated by the developers in response to reviews left by users, so the developer and user community is very active.

Example of leagues and matches available for viewing on the app:

Yalla Shoot offers information about many leagues and matches, as previously mentioned, but being originally intended for use by football fans in Arab countries, the app also offers information about important football leagues in Arab countries, including:

  • Qatar stars Leagues.
  • Saudi Professional. 
  • League Arabic Leagues. 
  • Kuwaiti Premier League. 
  • Jordan Premier League. 
  • The United Arab Emirates pro league 
  • Premier League 
  • Botoal League 
  • LA Liga BBV

In order to help you decide on whether the app is a good fit for you, we have gone over the app’s technical specifications and user reviews to condense the following list of pros and cons for you.


  1. Small File Size – The app only takes up 12M of storage on your device
  2. Intuitive Interface – Easy to navigate. Matches are listed according to the time of the game for instinctive navigation.
  3. Ability to stream matches as they are happening or even after they have happened.
  4. Extensive database of league matches


  1. Limited languages available –The developers are currently working to add further language support to the app to make it a better fit for users worldwide.
  2. Some viewers may find some of the font sizes too small. (Developers have responded to these reviews with promises of fixes in the next few updates)
  3. Contains ads – As most freeware does, Yalla Shoot offers all of its services for free at the expense of showing the user a few advertisements on and off. There currently is no option to purchase or download an ad free / premium version of the app.

Download & Installation:

To download the application click on download button below and you will be directed to download page where you can directly download Yalla Shoot Application. The installation process for the app is very straightforward. Use one of the methods specified later in the article to find the app on the Google Play Store, and click Install. No payments are necessary to download or use the Yalla Shoot app.

Download Yalla Shoot APK


Once installation is complete, an icon for the app is created on the default apps page / screen on your mobile device. Tap the icon to launch the app. After its first launch, you can set up the app home page and team / match list according to your preferences, and that’s it – the app is all set and good to go. If notifications are enabled, you should get pinged whenever there is an update you might be interested in.

 – Photos / Media / Files

(Permission to: Read the contents of your USB Storage,

Modify the contents of your USB Storage,

Delete the contents of your USB Storage)

– Storage

(Permission to: Read the contents of your USB Storage,

Modify the contents of your USB Storage,

Delete the contents of your USB Storage)

– Wi-Fi connection information

(Permission to: View Wi-Fi connections)

 – Full Network Access

 – View network connections

 –  Control Device Vibration

(For push notifications)

 – Read Google Service Configuration

 – Run at startup

 – Prevent device from sleeping

 – Run in the background for scheduled application work

 – Receive data from the internet


Yalla Shoot is a live football scoring app for fans of the sport in Arab countries. Along with live score updates, it lets users view player standings, match fixtures, results and details of gameplay during the match all in one place. It provides the user with a choice between an Arabic and an English language interface. The app interface is easy to navigate and modify according to personal preferences.

The Yalla Shoot app also allows easy streaming of matches for user convenience. Users have the ability to favourite teams to ensure updates about them and hide leagues they are not interested in. The Yalla Shoot app is free to download and use.

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.performance improvements



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