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Rocket League is a mobile video game by Psyonix LLC that lets players play soccer matches with unique rules against single players or teams of up to four players. Each player gets to use a car as the main playable character, and the ball is much larger than the cars.
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Rocket League APK – The Ultimate High Powered Arcade Style Video Game

—This app is to be used with the Rocket League ® Hot Wheels ® RC Rivals Set—

You have probably heard of Rocket League Apk. You might have played it with your siblings and friends or watched your favorite YouTubers and Twitch streamers play championship matches in it. Rocket League is an award-winning soccer video game that combines two of the world’s coolest things fast cars and soccer!

Rocket League APK lets you choose between a variety of awesome car models to play as. With the new Rocket League ® Hot Wheels ® RC Rivals Set, you get to play with physical Hot Wheels models! Experience authentic Rocket League action outside the virtual world. Set up your gear in your living room or gaming room, using a " Smart" Arena that comes with infrared sensor goals and real-time
scoring. A custom smart device application to control fan-favorite Rocket League Vehicles- Dominus and Octane- can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

rocket league apk

What is Rocket League APK?

Rocket League is a mobile video game by Psyonix LLC that lets players play soccer matches with unique rules against single players or teams of up to four players. Each player gets to use a car as the main playable character, and the ball is much larger than the cars.

The objective of each match is to maneuver the ball into the opposing team goal area. After five minutes, the team with the most goals wins. An overtime gameplay segment also occurs if the score is tied at the end of match time.

How to set up Rocket League Hot Wheels?

The setup and installation are easy and intuitive!
Follow the following steps to set up your own Rocket League Arena in the 3D world.
– Connect your device to a Rocket League Hot Wheels Car using Bluetooth.
– Select your preferred mode of gameplay. Choose between single-player Challenge mode or Multiplayer mode
– Customize your celebration animations and car toppers in the Garage
– Review your stats and career records under your Profile

Rocket League Game Play

The gameplay for the Hot Wheels RC Rivals version game is the same as the gameplay in preceding Rocket League ® games, and Rocket League predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

rocket league gameplay

How do you play Rocket League?

As a player, you control and maneuver a rocket-powered car (How cool does that sound?) and use it as your soccer player sprite.
To score, you need to kick the ball into the opposing team goal vicinity. Rocket league APK combines FIFA-style soccer with demolition derby video games. It hence presents a game that never gets dull or boring.

You can also make your car jump in and hit the ball while in the air.

The game also offers power-ups during gameplay. For example, you can pick up speed boosts bypassing your car over the marked areas on the field that represent speed boosts. The game physics lets you use the momentum you build up from the speed boosts to strike the soccer ball. You can also choose to use the extra speed to crash into opposing player’s cars to make things difficult for them.

rocket league launch day

If you destroy an enemy’s car, or if your vehicle gets destroyed during the game, don't worry! You respawn a few moments later. There are other boosts as well, like a propeller boost that you can use while your car is mid-flight. This boost propels your car forward while still in the air, making it easier to strike the ball in mid-air.

You can also maneuver your car to perform dodges, short jumps, and spins in particular directions. You can use all of these maneuvers to triumph over the opposing team and move the ball into your target goal location.

Rocket League Matches

A Rocket League match typically lasts for five minutes. Sometimes the game may be extended by “sudden-death overtime” in case the game is tied when the five minutes are up. You can play matches as one-on-one challenges between two players up to team matches with four players on each team. You can play casually or even play among ranked players in ranked playlists.

Ranked playlists are Rocket League’s competitive online gaming mode.

They allow players to participate in many-tiered ranks within game seasons. Tiered games raise or lower the player’s level according to the number of victories or losses, respectively. Rocket League also offers a single-player mode for similar “seasons” which lets players compete against CPU-controlled opponents.

A recent update (December 2016) introduced Custom Training. Custom Training is a collection of sequences that players can custom create and then share with others on the same platform. In these sequences, players can specify ball paths and also decide opponent skills and positions. Custom Training lets you practice specific shots-on-goal as many times as you need to, so you can
eventually, move up the ranks.

Game Modes

An updated version of the game, released soon after the initial game release, added modified game modes called mutators. Mutators offer gameplay with some changes in features, like increased or decreased gravity, changeable ball size, adjustable ball speed, and bounciness. Psyonix also released these mutators. Sometimes the mutator game modes are themed, such as for
seasonal releases.

rocket league apk modes

For the 2015 holiday season, the mutator matches were replaced by an ice-hockey-inspired mode (named Snow Day). The Snow Day game mode was playable on an ice rink, and instead of the ball, the players had to maneuver a hockey puck with different physics.

The Snow Day game mode was received positively by players, so the developers extended it and then eventually added it as a permanent addition to private matches mutator settings. Other similar game modes include Hoops released February 10th, 2016. Hoops was based on, as the name suggests, basketball.

Another notable game mode is Rumble which integrates unique power-ups and boosts. The power-ups include the ability to freeze the ball in place and target a single opponent to cause them to have difficulty controlling their car. Psyonix added Rumble in September 2016.

Rocket League ® Hot Wheels ® RC Rivals Application Pros and Cons

  • Fun gameplay incorporated with real-world toys.
  • All of the gameplay features of the original Rocket League ® game
  • The mobile remote control app removes the need to purchase physical remote controls.
  • Can play matches against other players on the same Hot Wheels ® set.
  • Only playable with the Hot Wheels RC Rivals Toy Set
  • Some connectivity issues between app and toys
  • The Hot Wheels RC Rivals toys tend to be defective/ may not function in real life like in the game.
  • Region Blocked app, inaccessible in some countries.
  • Not clear on compatibility on the Play Store (For example, not compatible with LG Stylo 4, or Galaxy Tab 8.0 A)

*Most of the issues raised regarding the app have been answered and solved on the Frequently Asked Questions Page. Mattel’s website also offers slightly clearer
and more concise details on important aspects like device compatibility, connecting to the toy set, and

Download and Installation Guide for the Rocket League ® for the Hot Wheels ® RC Rival Set Application

Use Google Play

The straightforward way of installing the Rocket League apk app for your Hot Wheels RC Rivals set is through the Google Play Store. To go to the Google Play Store page for the Rocket League ® Hot Wheels ® RC Rivals app now, click on the link below this paragraph. You can also try to find the app under Mattel published apps. You can also find it by looking it up via the search bar on the Google Play Store.
Hyperlink: Rocket League ® Hot Wheels ® RC Rivals Set | Google Play Store

Use an APK

Download Rocket League APK

For some reason, the Play Store link is not equally functional in all regions. If you cannot access theGoogle Play Store link, you can choose to download an APK file to bypass region-blocked content. APKs (Android Package Files) are essentially setup files for android applications. You can find APKs for your desired apps through several blogs or sites. Ensure the source of your download is
secure and trusted, so you do not accidentally put your device at risk of a virus.

Once you have downloaded the APK, which you can do by clicking the button below, you can move onto the
installation process. If you have downloaded the APK file directly onto your mobile device, you can skip to Step Two. If you have
downloaded the APK file to your PC, then start from Step One below.

1. Move or Copy your APK file from your PC to your mobile phone or tablet through a USB cable (or any method that works for you).
2. Once the APK is on your mobile phone or tablet, open the APK file by tapping it.
3. Depending on your phone security settings, you might get a pop-up that mentions that the installation of apps from unknown sources is blocked. If this is the case, you may need to open settings and allow installation for Rocket League.
4. When there are no security blocks, installation should start automatically. It may take a few minutes to install.
5. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to see the Rocket League icon.
6. You can launch the game from this icon. Upon launch attempt, the game will automatically download the required OBB and data files.
7. Enjoy the game and move up the ranked lists!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What devices are compatible with the Rocket League Hot Wheels RC Rivals app?

The minimum compatibility requirement for Apple devices is IOS 10 or newer. For Android devices, it is Android OS 5.0 or newer. However, the website says, most Android devices are compatible which is not very reassuring. The statement does not let the potential user gauge whether their device is compatible or not very accurately, so you may still end up with an incompatible app.

Do I need a smartphone/tablet with Bluetooth to play Rocket League?

Yes. The Rocket League ® app connects to your Hot Wheels ® rivals toy set via Bluetooth.

How do I connect my phone/tablet to the Hot Wheels ® cars?

1. Ensure your device Bluetooth is on and your device is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
2. Turn on the Hot Wheels ® cars by sliding the power button to the ON position. The power button is present on the bottom of the car.
3. If the cars are sufficiently charged, their Bluetooth pairing request will be openly available to your smartphone or tablet.
4. Connect to the car that is closest to you in physical proximity.
5. The Bluetooth pairing request is available for 3 minutes. If you do not connect within 3 minutes of turning the car on, the request will close. To restart the Bluetooth pairing request, you will then need to power the car off and then turn it on again.
6. The number of smart devices needed depends on the number of players. You can connect up to 6 smart devices per match, for 6 players.

What's new

- Better error handling on authentication
- Fix bug where users can't login or see messages


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