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Puffin Browser Pro APK is the premium, unlimited screen time version of the beloved Puffin Web Browser. Puffin Browser Pro offers all of the functionality you are used to with the free browser, plus more.
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Puffin Browser Pro APK – The Mobile Browser for the Digital Media Revolution Generation

Puffin Browser Pro APK is the premium, unlimited screen time version of the beloved Puffin Web Browser. Puffin Browser Pro offers all of the functionality you are used to with the free browser, plus more.

If you’re used to using Puffin Browser APK Pro for your mobile browsing needs, you might have come across the notice that the Puffin family intends to discontinue their premium version. They want to rip the bandaid off on the 31st of December, 2021, which is, at the time of writing this article, about a year’s time.

Fret not, you do not have to spend 2021 experimenting with mediocre and subpar mobile browsers to replace your holy grail, follow along until the end of the article to access the Puffin Web Browser Pro APK to continue to enjoy the app you love.

What is Puffin Browser APK Pro?

You already know that Puffin Browser Pro APK is a mobile browser but what makes it so good that you would want to ditch your default mobile browser in favor of it? Well, first of all, Puffin Browser Pro is incredibly fast.

The base (free) version of the Puffin Browser APK has over fifty million installs on the Google Play Store and is reviewed at 3.5 stars by around 777 thousand people. If that doesn’t quite paint the picture, the paid version Puffin Web Browser Pro APK has over 100,000 installs and 22 thousand reviews on the Google Play Store.

Puffin Browser Pro latest APK accelerates browsing speed by using cloud servers so that the load goes to them instead of to devices that are already running on restricted storage resources. This means that resource-demanding web pages can load significantly faster on your mobile phones or tablet devices than they would on a traditional browser that relies on your device’s resources.

If you have worries regarding your browser data going through a cloud server, then you would be glad to know that Puffin offers cloud protection. All of your web traffic that goes from the Puffin Web Browser or Puffin Web Browser Pro app to the Puffin server is encrypted in order to protect it from hackers. 

What does this mean? It means it is completely safe to connect to public, non-secure Wi-Fi connections through the Puffin Browser APK Pro, without worrying about your traffic. It is, conversely, not really all that safe to do so using most other mobile browsers.

In Addition to using cloud servers to divert workload, Puffin also regularly updates their cloud servers and improves their technology to provide the most recent version of the Flash player. So your browser gets faster as the digital age demands ever-improving web content to browse.

You’re probably starting to see the appeal of Puffin Web Browsers, but it doesn’t stop there. Puffin also helps you save your bandwidth! 

Using a proprietary compression algorithm in the transmission process of your web data, Puffin helps save up to ninety percent of your bandwidth on regular web browsing (excluding streaming videos and/or Flash content, because these require notably more bandwidth than browsing web pages does).

All of that and we haven’t even gotten to the other features yet. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features offered by Puffin Web Browser Pro.

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Rich Features

Phenomenal Page Loading and Rendering Speed

As mentioned above, by redirecting web traffic to cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser Pro APK helps you load and render web pages remarkably faster than competitor mobile web browsers. 

Obviously, a mobile browser that has not been in the game as long as say, Chrome or Firefox, the desktop browsing aficionado may be able to find faster browsing in the world, but users generally agree that page loading speed is comparable to the browser like Chrome.

Adobe Flash Support

Official support for Adobe Flash ended in 2020, but just about every website built before Adobe decided to pull the plug on Flash incorporated the use of Flash in some element or other. So for all your favorite websites that have not switched to HTML5 yet, Puffin Web Browser incorporates Flash support, for android devices running on Android 4.4 or later.

Ability to Download to Cloud

Puffin Browser Pro APK lets you download files to the cloud instead of to your device. You can download up to 1G per file, which is a significant size for any file you might want to download on to your mobile phone.

Theater Mode

You can switch to theater mode in order to view flash videos or play games on your phone, to enhance your browsing experience.

Visual Trackpad and Gamepad

Take mobile gaming to the next level with an on-screen gamepad/trackpad available in the browser.

Customizable Toolbar Themes

Changeable color themes for your sidebar and toolbar. Change the display of your browser to match your mood and aesthetic sense with customizable toolbars and sidebars.

Rapid JavaScript Engine

Have interactive web page elements load faster with an incredibly speedy JavaScript engine.

 Complete Web Browsing Experience (Desktop & Mobile View)

Puffin Browser Pro APK supports responsive browsing, so you can view both desktop versions and mobile versions of websites. This is useful because some websites aren’t designed for mobile browsing and therefore offer a much better browsing experience on the desktop.

With Puffin, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your browsing experience and can switch to viewing websites in desktop mode when required.

Incognito Tabs

As with any quality browser, Puffin Web Browser Pro offers the ability to choose when you want to keep your browsing private. The incognito tab helps you auto-clean your browsing activities in the app.

Ad Blocker

And last but definitely not least, Puffin Web Browser comes with a built-in ad blocker so you can browse web content advertisement and distraction-free. 

With Puffin Browser Pro APK, you don’t need to look for or invest in any additional ad-blocking plugins in order to save yourself from pop-ups and unskippable ads with minuscule exit buttons that you can never seem to reach- it’s all present within the app.

Having looked at Puffin’s features, this is a good time to mention that the Puffin Pro Browser APK is $4.99 on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, however, Puffin intends to pull Puffin Browser Pro APK from the app store around this time next year. You can still use the app, though, in all of its pre-existing features, by downloading an APK for it once it is no longer offered on the market.

Note that all the legalities involved with using an APK for an app are dependent on the user, their method of use, and whether or not they owned the app previously / have paid for it before.

With all of these features, a rating of 3.5 / 5 means that there are some drawbacks to the browser that users have found out. Some of the Puffin Web Browser app’s limitations are actually foretold by the developers transparently in the app description on the Google Play Store, so we’ll talk about those first.

Limited Regional Web Access

Because their cloud servers are located within the United States, Puffin Web Browser is limited in the sense that they can only access public web sites within the United States geolocation.

Blocked by Certain Countries and Academic Institutes

Your access to Puffin Web Browser or Puffin Web Browser Pro might be restricted due to it being blocked in some countries, namely Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and China.

Some schools also block access to the APK Puffin Browser Pro, for example, in the United States.

These are some fairly basic limitations, and it’s easy for users in the United States to get through them. That implies there may be some additional problems related to the app that are identified with continued use. This is an assumption-and in order to solidify the verdict, we need to analyze and condense user reviews.

 So after going through recent and popular user reviews on the Google Play Store, we’ve put together the following list of pros and cons for you to skim through.


Fast Browsing The last update has seen some lag. Loading images seems to be slow for some users.
No need for proxies or VPNs Mouse/ Touch sensitivity weaker than it should be.
Can still play games that require Flash Player Does not save game history so progress is easily lost.
  Unclear about Flash/HTML5 future.


The following section describes some of the cons mentioned in a little more detail:

Lag Issues with Most Recent Update

Although the app has been a crowd favorite for a long time, the latest update has seen a significant increase in lag and loading issues. This could be due to a bug with the connection to the cloud servers, and hopefully, the devs will look into fixing it because the app is still supposed to be on the market for the rest of the year 2021.

Mouse/Touch Sensitivity Issue

A user noted that with the latest update to the app, they struggled with trying to navigate websites as the navigation required more taps/swipes than the browser would require previously.

No Progress Saved

A user noted that when playing a game online, if you get booted due to errors or lag, then the Puffin Web Browser does not save your progress in-game and restarts your session. This may not be a significant downside to casual gamers or people looking for a browser, but it may make all the difference to someone passionate about games.

Unclear about the Future

It is well known that Adobe has pulled back support for Adobe Flash, and most websites, internet browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, for example), and web developers have switched to HTML5 to run the content that Adobe Flash once did. The developers have not yet responded to queries asking whether the app will switch to using HTML5 for remaining compatible with modern web sites or if it will remain in its original form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The website that the developers have set up specifically for Puffin Web Browser Pro offers a User Guide, Feedback Options, and Details about the Developers, along with a list of frequently asked questions that the developers have answered. Some of the most common questions asked have been summarized below. 

Q: Why has license check/upgrading failed on Puffin Browser Pro APK?

A: This error may be caused due by you have multiple Google accounts logged onto the same device, as this can sometimes cause the Google Play Store to confuse payments and subscriptions. In order to fix this issue, please ensure that you only have one active Google account that you are currently logged in to on your Google Play Store, and then relaunch the Puffin Web Browser Pro app.

If this does not work, you should also check if the date and time service on your device is correct. If it isn’t, proceed to Device Settings -> System -> Date and Time and then enable the “Use network-provided time” option. Once done, restart your handheld device and try launching the Puffin Web Browser Pro APK full again.

If you have tried both of the above fixes and still can’t get the app to work properly, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. You will not be charged a second time if you’ve already paid for the Puffin Browser android Pro APK app once.

If no solution helps and the problem persists, contact [email protected] for help or a refund. You will need to include receipt details (that were sent to you in an email after your purchase of the Pro app) in your email if you are looking for a refund.


App Technical Specifications 

App Size – Varies with Devices

Installs – 100,000 +

Current Version –

Android Version – 4.4 and up

Content Rating – E (for Everyone)

Interactive Elements – Unrestricted Internet

Last Update – December 23rd, 2020

Family Library Eligibility – Eligible

Offered by – CloudMosa Inc.

Permissions Required by the app

Developer Details

Developers – CloudMosa Inc.

Website – www.puffinbrowser.com

What's new

Thanks for using Puffin Pro. In this release (, we fixed several reported issues.



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