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Hibernator Pro apk is a mobile app by Tafayor Tech that accomplishes precisely that. Hibernator offers an easy to navigate interface that lets you view a list of all the apps running in the foreground and background on your mobile device.
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Hibernator Pro APK – Put Apps into Hibernation to Save Battery

Your phone’s battery is depleted even when it is not in active use. Apps often run activities and services in the background, even when your screen is off, and this can cause your battery to wear out quickly. One effective method to protect your phone or tablet’s battery health is to use Hibernator Pro APK. This works to stop foreground activities using up your battery.

Some apps run in the background even when they are not in active use or have not been launched. They send and receive data from the internet, run broadcasting services for live notifications, install updates, etc.

The solution to applications using up the battery after you close out of them is to turn them off somehow and stop them from running background activities.  

What is Hibernator Pro APK?

Hibernator Pro apk is a mobile app by Tafayor Tech that accomplishes precisely that. Hibernator offers an easy to navigate interface that lets you view a list of all the apps running in the foreground and background on your mobile device. It also enables you to force stop all of these apps, which, as a consequence, saves battery power and enhances device performance.

Currently, Android devices do not have an inbuilt functionality for hibernating active apps, so third party applications like Hibernator are handy. There has been some news that Android might be working on a system that provides inbuilt hibernation functionality. Still, until such a system is released, apps like Hibernator Pro are the easiest way to save your phone battery from exhausting itself.

You can also set the Hibernator app up to automatically close out of all active apps every time you switch your phone or tablet’s screen off. Closing out of apps when they are not in active use improves your device’s performance in multiple ways.

Some of these ways are described in bite-sized bullet points below.

–       Speeding up your phone

Closing out of unnecessary apps frees up the temporary storage they were using. This speeds up your phone by making the extra storage available to essential apps and activities.

–       Freeing up memory

Some apps use your phone’s memory constantly, even when they are not running, to save caches, for example. With Hibernator Pro APK, you can free up memory taken up by different apps’ temporary storage and make it available for other RAM needs.

–       Saving phone battery

When extra applications turn off, no activities need to be run in the foreground or background. This decreases the overall wear on the battery, as less battery power expends to keep the device running.

–       Cooling your phone

When a resource-heavy application runs for long periods, it consumes the battery and, therefore, the phone causing to heat up. This additional heat can damage the battery and weaken it, so a full charge does not last very long.

Closing out of unused and standby applications reduces the demand on the CPU and battery of your phone, resulting in an overall reduced hardware temperature and improved performance.

The Hibernator pro apk comes with useful features that enable it to prolong battery life and refine device performance. Key features of Hibernator have been summarized in the following section.


–       Close all running apps

You can use Hibernator to turn off all active apps in the foreground. Stopping foreground running apps immediately frees up the space taken up by their activities.

–       Close background tasks + services

You can also close background tasks and services that apps may be running, like notification services, for example. This step frees up even more memory and increases performance speed.

–       Close apps automatically when the screen turns off

Instead of launching Hibernator and closing applications from the user interface list, you can program Hibernator to automatically switch off all your running apps whenever you turn the screen off.

–       Support for user applications

Hibernator supports user applications, that is to say, it can access and turn off user apps.

–       Support for system applications

Hibernator supports system applications, that is to say, it can access and turn off system apps.

–       Widgets

Hibernator is a flexible app and offers widgets for easy access to its features.

–       Shortcuts

The Hibernator app also provides ease of access to shortcuts.

Pro features

Hibernator is free to install and use, but there is a premium version available. The premium version of Hibernator is called Hibernator Pro APK and can be purchased from within the base application. APK Hibernator Pro offers some extended features and functionalities that are not available in the base Hibernator app.

Some key features of Hibernator Pro are as follows.

–       Task Killer

Hibernator is a powerful tool that can kill tasks and processes running on your device.

–       Speed Booster

Using Hibernator to turn off background applications and services helps your phone speed up and perform faster.

–       RAM Cleaner

Freeing up RAM by closing out of active apps improves battery performance. It is also useful because the phone can now allocate the new free space to new apps or services.

–       Battery Saver

Closing apps helps extend battery life because less battery power depletes to run background tasks.

–       CPU Cooler

Stopping running apps reduces the load on your phone or tablet’s processor and hence lowers your device’s temperature. A cooler CPU is better for the battery and thus for overall device performance.

The Hibernator app has over a million installs on the Google Play Store. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, averaged over 22,280 reviews. After going through user reviews on the Play Store, we found some positive and some slightly negative features to the app. The following pros and cons list summarizes these reviews:

Pros and Cons

  • Manage background data easily
  • True to claims about hibernating apps
  • No spyware
  • Ads are not obnoxious or frequent
  • Lag-free operation
  • Does not function correctly on the latest versions of Android
  • Premium functions may be too expensive
  • Does not always exclude apps correctly from hibernation


–       What is the difference between Hibernator and KillApps?

KillApps is a previous rendition of the developers’ attempts to devise a quality tool that could efficiently help save battery health by closing active apps. Hibernator and Hibernator Pro are more up to date than KillApps and provide additional features.

One main improvement in the Hibernator app that was not present in KillApps is the ability to close out of apps when the screen turns off automatically.

–       What to do if I accidentally disable a core system functionality?

The Hibernator app supports system applications. If you fear that you may have accidentally turned off an application or service essential to your device’s core operation, you need to reset Hibernator.

At the moment, the only way to do that is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Restarting your device may also help.

–       What does the premium version of Hibernator offer?

Hibernator Pro APK offers extended functionality like more detailed battery statistics and an ad-free user experience.

–       How does Hibernator use accessibility services?

The Hibernator app is a good solution for users with muscle fatigue or similar physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to force close apps one by one manually. This is because the app single-handedly automates the redundancy of closing apps individually.

Instead of closing apps in the system settings manually, you can set Hibernator up to do it for you.

– What kind of permissions are required by Hibernator?

  1. Accessibility Service Permission

This permission is needed to allow APK Hibernator to retrieve active window content to locate the force close button and emulate the clicking action that force closes the app. Additionally, the Hibernator app needs to draw above other active apps so that it can display the waiting screen while it closes out of other apps.

  1. Modify System Settings

Hibernator needs to turn off the device screen after it has completed closing out of active applications. For this reason, it needs permission to access, view, and modify system settings on your device.

–       Will Hibernator require access to my personal data?

No, Hibernator does not need any identification data or other personal data to function. The Hibernator app only needs access to the interface and the other mentioned permissions and battery information.

Your privacy is safe with Hibernator.

Installation guide 

Hibernator/Hibernator Pro is an application that is only available for Android devices at this moment. Some alternatives to the app have been presented later in this section if you are an iPhone user.

To install Hibernator on your Android device, you can follow any of the following methods:

Download from the Google Play Store

You can easily access the Hibernator app via the Google Play Store. You can find it by typing “Hibernator” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can also search for it by browsing through the ‘Tools’ Category or going through the developer’s profile.

The developers of Hibernator (Tafayor Tech) also have a previous app, KillApps, that served a similar purpose that you may have been using before deciding to switch to Hibernator.

To download APP Hibernator directly from the Google Play Store, click the link below.

Hyperlink: Hibernator | Google Play Store

Download and Install an APK file

If you cannot, or for any reason do not want to, use the direct download link from the Google Play Store, you can consider using an APK file instead. APK files are Android Package Files and function similarly to software application setup files in Windows.

To download the APK for your desired app, look for one distributed by a trusted website or blog. Sometimes, you can find APK files on the app’s official website as well.

Download Hibernator Pro APK


Once you have your APK file downloaded, you need to run it to install the application.

To install a similar app to Hibernator on your IOS device:

Alternative IOS apps

Hibernator and its premium version, Hibernator Pro, are currently only available for Android. However, there are quite a few applications available on the Apple App Store that promise similar functionality. You can take a look at an extended list of such applications by visiting the website via the link below.

Hyperlink: https://alternativeto.net/software/hibernator/

Desktop Installation

With most android applications, we recommend using an Android emulator if you want to extend the app’s usage to your Desktop. However, this is not possible with apps that work by interacting directly with your mobile device’s hardware information.

Hibernator’s main objective is to help you automatically close out of active apps to save battery life and improve device performance. There is no purpose that Hibernator can serve on your Desktop.

However, suppose you regularly use an Android emulator on your Desktop for other applications. In that case, you can use Hibernator to help you automate app hibernation on your emulated Android environment. This might improve emulator performance if it was previously slow due to open apps or background activities. Unfortunately, this will not make a massive difference to battery health. Desktop batteries and mobile phone batteries have different capacities and capabilities.

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