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Blue Whatapp is the new and latest version of Whatsapp Plus actually which provides several plus features in its latest version with its elegant and user-friendly interface.
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Blue Whatsapp – Enhanced Blue theme Messenger

Are you worried about your information’s security while talking about your chats and calls you hold on your cell phone? Do not worry if it is. Here in this article, I am going to describe the best solution for you that is Blue Whatsapp APK, which provides the best, fabulous and flawless features to all users. Its security options are causing the attention of millions of people in daily life.

Blue Whatsapp is the new and latest version of Whatsapp Plus actually which provides several plus features in its latest version with its elegant and user-friendly interface. So, download the latest Whatsapp for Android and make your life enjoyable depending upon your daily routines.

How to Download Blue Whatsapp?

It is effortless to use this Whatsapp just upon hitting the download button at your play store. However, there is some critical and versatile information about downloading it in exact ways without any hurdle. Here are some essential steps which you need to follow gradually:

  • Click the link Download Blue APK Whtaspapp Latest version
  • The very next step is to wait until it downloads
  • Go to the setting of your phone and allow apps to install from unknown resources
  • Hit the install button and wait for few seconds again
  • Now enjoy its unique features doing chats with your friends once you installed

Important Features

Here are some essential features that I will describe in your daily lives that attract millions of people to use in their everyday lives. The reason is the features that I observed while using this WhatsApp.

The top of the reasons I choose this to use is a user-friendly interface and several security options. Most of the time, it happens that your phone is unlocked, and a third party or person may try to open it. Now, what should you do? Yes, Blue Whatsapp may protect your chats and contact even if your phone is unlocked. 

Let’s know the fantastic and exciting features of this app without waiting for more.

  • Modified Version of Messenger

In actuality, Blue Whatsapp is a modified version of messenger that provides advanced features just like a messenger to use in daily life. Hence, it’s a chance to enjoy messenger like features using the latest version of WhatsApp plus.

  • Theme Customization

Any app or software is the customization options provided by its customization that offers a chance to get and enhance feature editing depending upon your wish. So, are you ready to enjoy its unique features? Good, go to the theme of WhatsApp and make it according to your choice. There are almost 800 themes that are grabbing attention and elegant with its header and body view.

  • Multiple Accounts

Are you fed up using an old Whatsapp account and want to get multiple accounts? Good, it would help you to get amazed that this WhatsApp is providing a fantastic chance to get and use multiple accounts without worrying about your personal account’s security. Hence, you can use a business account and a personal account simultaneously and with the same phone.

  • Send Long File

One of the fantastic features about WhatsApp includes extended file transfer options that are unusual than an ordinary WhatsApp that is 2MB, while here you can send and receive up to 50MB file. The file includes videos, audio, photos, and any other document.

  • Security Options

Another fantastic and versatile feature of this app includes the security options that attract millions of people to use it and is the main reason people choose this app. What is so is options for passwords that you can use for app account and even for different chats you want to use.

  • Video Status

Do you want to upload a video status of 5 minutes rather than just 30 seconds and want to get rid of uploading multiple uploading of a 30-second video? Yes, Blue Whatsapp is the ultimate and unique options to use for this sake. It allows you to post various videos and which are up to 7 minutes.

  • Auto Reply

Most of the time, you are too busy, and you cannot send a message even if it’s essential. You must be happy knowing that Blue Whatsapp provides an auto-reply option, and you can even make that auto-reply and set it for permanent use. Hence, sending an auto-reply will tell your contacts that you are busy and have received their messages.

  • Hiding Status

In our daily life, some people are causing distractions and are annoying us. So, if you want to hide your status from those people, then WhatsApp is an outstanding selection to use for this. You can even conceal typing status from person to person.

  • Read Deleted Messages

Using it, you can read auto-deleted messages depending upon your wish and need. Hence, you can view and read deleted messages from your end.

  • Disable Calls and Messages

Are you getting disturbed by unknown and disturbing calls and videos daily? Do not worry; this app provides a beautiful chance to disable auto messages and calls from those you do not want to get notifications.

  • Elegant Interface

The most exciting feature about this app is its excellent interface designed so beautifully that anyone can easily get attracted by this app. Hence, using this app is the ultimate chance to get enjoyment and happiness in your life. So, download this WhatsApp version and enjoy its features.

  • Free of Cost

People/platforms often ask for credits to download an app with such unique and astonishing features. But you must be happy knowing that this app is available free of cots to all people and can be used by everyone just using an android.

Why Use Blue Whatsapp?

Most people ask about why they should use this app in their daily lives, although they have many other apps to use that can be the best alternative for this. The first and ultimate answer includes the features that are mentioned in the previous section. The long and detailed explanation that I can provide is astonishing advantages and facts about it, which are given as follows:

  • Back-Up Use

One great and exciting feature of the app is the backup process, which it provides regularly. However, you can use and perform weekly or monthly, depending upon your wish and requirements. It helps to save our essential charts and documents.

  • Sticker Packs

One of the essential things about any product is its interface that should be beautiful enough to be automatically attracted. Yes, Blue Whatsapp is the only app providing the best and flawless stickers that enhance your enjoyment during a chat while using these. The plus point for me is using these packs once I download these after installation of the app.

  • Hide Read Message (Hid Blue ticks)

Blue ticks upon the app, while someone sends a message, means the receiver has read the news, but you will be happy to know that you can hide blue tick’s options. Hiding blue ticks saves you from people and helps you while you have not read their message.  

  • Hide Recording and Writing Status

To hide recording and writing status is one of the essential and fabulous facts of this WhatsApp, and hence you can once you want to hide your privacy. It’s now a need because everyone seems busy today and wants to have some specific arrangements and privacies in life.

  • Cleaner Tool

The presence of cleaner tools here allows and auto-suggest you to delete unnecessary messages in your daily life, and hence you can do it with more aggression to clean your WhatsApp. It’s fabulous and loving features of this WhatsApp.

  • Unusual Theme

Most of the apps have a usual and necessary theme. They are not attractive, but this is an app that provides several kinds of beautiful music and has several additional features here. Hence, it is limited to a chatting app and a combination of quality in daily life to maintain your performance up to a broad level.

  • Flawless Font and Styles

Several features include its flawless features, including fonts and styles, making you attractive enough to use and make you sufficiently happy to enjoy this app. Once I used it personally, I could not delete it even when I do not need it, and I am sure that you will enjoy it with full potential and love.

  • HD Video Call

You might observe many times that your image and video quality may be drastically low down while you are in a video call. Do not worry if it provides high-quality HD video calls and supports to give a clear image. Hence, it is a plus point to sue this WhatsApp.

  • 256 Members Longest Group

It is the best and ultimate solution if you are willing to make the most extended group of 256 members, which is impossible in other chat apps many times. Hence, using it means to avail advantages of the unusual longest group.

  • History is Safe 

This WhatsApp version can save all your history, including chats, essential and starred messages, your opening and closing time of this WhatsApp.

Cons of Blue Whatsapp

It is no doubt that it provides a great chance to enjoy its features like an app, but you know all parts and its advantages, i.e., delete unread messages and many others. But this might be a negative point for many people, and many people even use it for malicious purposes as I have seen it. Here are some disadvantages to using it:

  • You may send a message mistakenly, and people may read it no matter either you delete it or not
  • It may be banned at any time
  • Your chat is not safe on another cell phone which people may use for the wrong purpose
  • Slow updates are another big con of this app, and sometimes updates may take one day and sometimes even for a week. It would help if you waited for the completion of updates
  • The app is just removed in recent times, and hence it may cause legal issues any time while using it because of DMCA

What if Blue Whatsapp is banned?

As I mention, this app’s disadvantage is to ban any time by its developers due to many people’s security issues. But it is not the ultimate end of this WhatsApp; your chats can be saved by using the chat backup setting in your phone history. For more safety, you are recommended to use a number that does not bother you if it’s suddenly banned.

How to Use It?

Upon its removal from Play Store, many people raise questions about using it if it’s not available on Google Play Store. Here are some steps I am going to describe that may help you with it is us depending upon my experience:

  • The first steps include the Backup Data from your previous Whatsapp you are using, and hence it helps you saving your essentials from the original app you are using
  • Connect your cell phone to your PC using a data cable and allow access to photos and files
  • Know click again to backup data from the original app on the phone
  • Once upon completion of the installation, you need to click on backup data from the Blue Whatsapp set

Note: If you face any difficulty while installing this app, feel free to ask any time. We are here 24/7 to listen to you and appreciate your queries.

Want to Know About Whatsapp Plus APK?

Most of you are searching for Whatsapp Plus APK, which is a pre-version, and Blue Whatsapp is a modified version of this app in actual. It is an app and is a modified version of the original. The official app provides many features rather than a simple app, including privacy, themes, wallpapers, and chatting options at the top.

Want to Use This App on Your Laptop?

Are you now crazy to use this app on your PC and laptop? Good, this provides a chance to use one PC as well, just as many other apps do. Here are some necessary steps to follow for this purpose:

  • Go to the Google search bar and search for Blue Whatsapp APK web
  • Now open this app on your android and click three dots given at the front face
  • Now open Whatsapp Web
  • Scan the given code with the PC and enjoy its features just as on Android

Use this App on a Laptop without an Android

Although many people have android and use this app quickly, on the other hand, many people do not have an android and get disappointed knowing that they cannot use it without the aid of an android. Do not worry; this section is about using this app on your laptop without any Android. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Go to the browser and search for Emulator
  • Click the download button, keep sure to read all instructions, and install it
  • Now search for the app and click download
  • Please wait for some seconds until it downloads
  • Click on the install button and enjoy the app

Final Verdicts

Blue Whatsapp is the best and ultimate option, especially if you look for security, interacting themes, beautiful wallpapers, images, and many modern features. It provides a chance to use all the charming characteristics and love to use it daily. Hence, you can use it without waiting more and hit the install button to get amazed and happy.


Is Blue Whatsapp safe to use?

Although it has remarkable features, keep in mind that it is not 100% safe for you depending upon the security options. So, be careful about chats and calls, sending videos and photos before using this app.

What if Blue Whatsapp is banned?

Do not worry if blue WhatsApp is banned. If you receive any app notification, just hit the backup button before using an official and authentic app version of WhatsApp. 

Is this legal to use this app?

Although it is not 100% legal to use this app if you are using it for positive and useful purposes, then do not worry and use freely any time you need it.

Why my WhatsApp number is banned?

The only reasons include the unsupported version of the app. To save from any wrong activity, uninstall the WhatsApp that gets any developers’ notifications about its ban. In this way, you can save your data and number.

What if I want to delete this app account?

It is effortless to delete this account once you are using it and delete it upon completing your work.

  • Go to setting up your WhatsApp account
  • Search for security logins there
  • The very next step is to click the delete my account button
  • Wait for few seconds until your account is deleted
Is it true that anyone can hack my account?

No, it is not true that anyone can hack your account because it is safe enough to use. But if you feel any doubt or wrong conduct, including calls and messages, report that number and calm down.

Can others get access to my deleted messages?

One of the frequently asked questions that anyone can access your deleted messages depends upon the person using Whatsapp. If the person used Blue Whatsapp, then he/she may read your deleted messages. But I recommend you to use it with care.  

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