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Blinkist- the perfect opportunity to learn and perceive key insights from some of the finest nonfiction best-sellers.
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Blinkist Premium APK – Big ideas in small packages

Blinkist Premium apk is an application that provides you with insights into many nonfiction books. By just signing up, Blinkist allows you access to over 2,500+ book reads in under 15 minutes. To explore the intelligent side of yourself you can learn from Blinkist premium app’s collection of best-sellers.

If you want to increase your knowledge and stay updated on the latest book trends- some even recommended by huge personalities then Blinkist is the app for you. Blinklist helps you boost your learning process and provides you with exceptional key-points from some of the most well-read, published books.

What is Blinkist Premium APK?

Blinkist- nonfiction books apk is a very interesting application that has over 2,500-3000 key essential from some of the best books there are. The insights are brought to you in 15 min reads and also as podcasts, which is very convenient. There are over 20 book categories on Blinkist premium apk that you can look through. Some of the best details about Blinkist are its offline reading mode and not advertisements between audios or texts. Blinkist Premium apk has been awarded to be one of Europe’s HOTTEST startups in 2016.

Blinkist App Features:

Blinkist provides 15-minute book summaries for its users to perceive and learn from. It is a very handy apk application, which can be used when doing almost anything as its feature includes the book reading to be available in many forms for its users. The features of Blinkist premium apk are discussed in detail.


Blinkist has partnered up with many creators to provide podcasts of books to listen to and gain knowledge from. Blinkist developers have made sure to cover every step into making the Blinkist experience enjoyable for its users. Podcasts on Blinkist consist of the essential points from the writer’s or influencer’s material. They give you key summaries about their content through podcasts. Blinkist used to be only about text and audios of books but, now they are adding various podcasts as Blinks on Blinkist premium apk. Podcasts are a more useful and fast way to attain key insights into the material at hand. Podcasts are termed Shortcasts on the Blinkist app.


Blinks are a Blinkist term for text and audio forms of books. In under 15 minutes, you can attain the most essential and main information about any book of your choice in form of a Blink. The main purpose of using the term ‘blink’ for such a phenomenon is the compressed version of all the massive content stored in between a book’s pages. Blinkist takes that content and summarizes it into 15-minute BLINKS for you to enjoy and learn from at any time, anywhere.


Developers at Blinkist update your timeline and deliver you the best content based on your likes and preferences. Knowing what you want to read or listen to on Blinkist premium apk is essential. You can also note down the key points you want to remember. Recommendations come in handy when you are not looking for anything specific but just want to listen to a good, relaxing read or want some motivation in a stressful situation. Overall recommendations are based on your profile; likes and dislikes; search history and things you have been listening to/ taking notes off.


To download Blinkist you can visit the play store and search the query bar for Blinkist. Once you find the app, tap to download and install it on your Andriod device. Then, open the application and run it to enjoy the premium features of Blinkist. The link to direct you to the google play store Blinkist page is given below:

Download Blinkist

If you found this site through PC then please be certain to follow the given steps in order to transfer the application to your Android smartphone:

  1. After finding this site, download the apk file.
  2. Transfer the file to your mobile via USB.
  3. Afterward, Install and run the app.
  4. enjoy premium features of Blinkist!

To download the APK file of Blinkist on your Android mobile phone, please visit the given link to install, save and run the application successfully. Download Blinkist Premium APK on Android:

PREMIUM Version:

Blinkist is free for installing and downloading but with free access, you cannot control the number of books you read or listen to in a day- you can only read one book per day. But, luckily, Blinkist offers a premium version for just $12.99 per month.

To gain unlimited access to key reads of your favorite books, download the premium version of Blinkist now and enjoy. For downloading the premium version of Blinkist apk, update your application. The updates require a premium platform that directs you to the premium version of Blinkist.


Blinkist has gained much recognition since it was developed back in 2012. With the increasing audience, Blinkist developers and the team have been updating the application; collaborating with many new creators, and adding special features for the Blinks to become more awesome and comfortable for every user of Blinkist. While many features are available for free, most of the best details lie within the premium version which can be installed by updating the existing Blinkist application.

Many people use Blinkist at any time and any place because with knowledge- it’s never enough. You learn and grow every day when you analyze the different aspects of reality. Writers provide their professional perspective of the world. They help you perceive and analyze the truth. But, most of the time, after reading a good book very thoroughly, you conclude that only some of the points mentioned by the author are capable of notice and that’s where Blinkist shines through. Blinkist’s main purpose is to give you the ease of attaining crucial knowledge from the best-sellers of all time in just fifteen minutes.

With all of this interesting information regarding Blinkist premium apk, here are some of the most frequent concerns regarding Blinkist application, answered.

1- Is Blinkist free? 

Blinkist premium apk is a totally free application. It is up for download on the Google Play store. It provides you with many basic interesting features but once you’ve downloaded the premium version, you get to enjoy the real essence of the application and what’s it about.

2- How many book categories are there on Blinkist? 

There are over 28 book categories to choose from on the Blinkist premium version. Each category contains some of the finest best-sellers. Blinkist takes those masterpieces and creates 15-minute reads, highlighting the crucial elements of the book you choose to learn from. These 28 categories of books also contain the recommendations of professionals, such as Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, and several other professionals.

3- Does Blinkist contain an Offline mode for reading? 

Yes, Blinkist premium apk supports offline mode. You can download the book of your choice and listen to/read it offline. It is a very useful feature for when you want to have a quiet and comfortable read with no unnecessary distractions.

4- Are there Podcasts in Blinkist?

Yes, a new update of Blinklist; the creators have started adding a podcasts category to make the application as comfortable as possible for its users.

5- What are podcasts in Blinkist?

Podcasts- the developers have added a new detail to the premium application- podcasts are made by the writers of book categories available on Blinkist. The writers provide the listeners with key insights into their content. The podcasts also follow the crucial 15-minute policy of Blinkist. So, you can be enlightened by key sights of the content in a short span of time- saving you both; time and energy to enjoy more books.

6- Do I have to pay to download Blinkist?

No, you do not have to pay any sort of price for downloading Blinkist through Google Play Store or any apk file link. But, in-app installations of Blinkist Premium apk do require a price for downloading.

7- Is the Blinkist Premium version better? 

If you download Blinkist for free, you can only enjoy one book per 24 hours. And your choices are somewhat limited to books to choose from. If you want to enjoy easy access through the app and get knowledge from as many books as your brain is able to comprehend in a single day, you should download the Blinkist Premium apk.

8- What are shortcasts? 

Shortcasts are short versions of Podcasts that are available on the Blinkist application. As we know, podcasts tend to be long and very time-consuming. So, for your convenience,  creators at Blinkist have developed Shortcasts, that deliver the crucial message of the books and consume less time.

9- Is Blinkist on Google Play Store? 

Yes, Blinklist is available on the play store for free. It can be installed through any Android mobile device.

10- How many books are available on Blinkist premium apk?

Blinkist allows you access to over 2,500+ books. There are blinks- a short, 15-minute version of each book. The blinks contain crucial insights into the books.

11- What are blinks? 

Blinks are a short, 15-minute version of the books that are available on Blinkist. Each blink contains crucial key points of the books. Blinks are created by developers of the Blinkist Premium application. The  Blinks are an easy way to gain all the essential information about the books. You do not have to go through the whole story for getting a good summary, blinks provide that content for you. Blinks have been rated extremely useful by users who attain useful information through the Blinkist application on regular basis.

12- Does Blinkist apk contain a fictional book category? 

No, Blinkist does not have any fictional book enlisted in their 28 book categories. Blinkist has another name for Non-fiction books. It only contains best sellers of a variety of subjects.

13- What are the subjects Blinkist has books based on? 

Blinkist contains books that are based on a variety of subjects. Such as technology, psychology, philosophy, political science, history, and so on.

14- What is the price for the premium version of Blinkist? 

Blinkist has a per-month payment method for the premium version. It is a very moderate price of just $12.99 per month!

15- Can I transfer the apk file from PC to Android smartphone?

Yes, you can transfer your downloaded Blinkist premium apk file from your PC to your smartphone. All you need is a USB cable, your mobile, and PC.

  • Connect your mobile to PC via USB.
  • Transfer Blinkist premium apk to your mobile after downloading.
  • Open the app on phone; install and run it.
  • Enjoy the Premium version of Blinkist apk!


There are a lot of applications available on the play store and apk files on web browsers for book worms to enjoy visual reading through. Most of them require rooting of your Android and some of them do not possess interesting categories of books. After very thorough research and analogy, many reviews have confirmed Blinkist being the most exceptional application for maintaining a good read. Blinkist not only allows you to choose from 2,500+ books but all of them belong to very interesting, separate subjects.

Blinkist also has shorter versions of almost everything. You can take your book in your pocket and go anywhere. Whether you’re taking a walk, enjoying a balcony view, taking some time off, or wanting to enjoy a good bed-time read- Blinkist has it all! This application provides 15-minute reads, audios, podcasts, texts for its user to gain information and simultaneously save a lot of their time.

Even though the premium version requires a price for in-app installation, it is so worth the money. Downloading the premium version only ensures better quality reads, exclusively or your choice while if you don’t download the premium version of Blinkist, your choosing ability is somewhat limited.

Blinkist has been gaining recognition as per the coming updates. The developers are set to maintain their promises by upgrading the Blinkist features and providing a more thorough and understandable version of every book. Blinkist app is for anyone who loves reading and learning at the same time. Blinkist is up for download on the google play store and also on the web as apk files.




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