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Move over Instagram direct messaging, tinder, and anything else that’s broken your heart in 2020 in the pledge of meeting new friends and finding love, and welcome Badoo Premium APK, the world’s largest dating network, in the easily accessible form of a mobile app, promising to help you connect with people that match your wavelength.
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Badoo Premium APK – Match with, Chat with and Meet New People

Move over Instagram direct messaging, tinder, and anything else that’s broken your heart in 2020 in the pledge of meeting new friends and finding love, and welcome Badoo Premium APK, the world’s largest dating network, in the easily accessible form of a mobile app, promising to help you connect with people that match your wavelength.

With special attention paid to security and privacy, Badoo offers all of the benefits of traditional dating apps but with more authenticity, their underlying belief being that true happiness in a connection comes from being unfiltered and true to yourself and your match.

What is Badoo APK?

With over one hundred million downloads and over five million reviews on the Google Play Store, Badoo is one of the world’s most popular applications to meet, connect with, and date new people. It is also ranked #4 in social networking and #43 in lifestyle on the app store- so it’s quite a popular choice across all platforms.

Badoo, the base app, comes with just about all the features you need to get started but Badoo Premium APK, the paid upgrade to the app, adds a set of features that enhance your online dating experience tenfold.

Knowing how dangerous the world of social media and internet dating can be, Badoo as a platform adheres to very strict guidelines and rules that they have set for themselves to ensure an atmosphere of safety and respect within their community. They take measures to make sure no user is met with any sort of inappropriate behavior from anybody they match or chat with, together with a comprehensive and detailed list of safety features to further solidify that your dating experience on Badoo is unmatched and secure.

After starting as an app intended for meeting and dating new people, Badoo has become a sort of social network all on its own, with features like instant messaging, video chat, and a gallery option to upload pictures and videos of yourself.

Launched in 2006 by a Russian entrepreneur, Andrey Andreev, Badoo has become a billion-pound worth social network, and had done so just years after its initial launch.

Features of Badoo, the base app:

Meet People Nearby

Geotagging features that help you find honest singles in or close to your area.


Easy and intuitive swiping system to match with or reject potential dates. Swipe right for yes and left for no when approached with a potential match.

Video Chat

In-app video calling feature allows you to connect with your date more honestly and face to face.

Verified Profiles

Avoid catfishing and creepy unwanted encounters by taking the extra step and completing the verification process. The Badoo verification process is thorough and involves three steps, and adds the huge benefit and security of verified identity. Once you are verified, you can take advantage of this feature and change your settings to only chatting with / matching with other verified profiles, and through the find friends feature.

Blur intimate photos

Badoo has a system integration that automatically detects sensitive photographs and material and blurs them when the media is sent over their messaging app. It also presents the receiver with a warning and choice before they open the sensitive photos. This helps protect intimate photos as well as prevent any unwanted advances on the app.

With all of these features and the largest online dating user database in the world, Badoo is already an ideal choice for people looking to connect with somebody new in the digital age. Still, Badoo Premium, which can be purchased through the Google Play Store (or on the app store for Apple users) is an in-app purchase that upgrades the Badoo base app to include several premium features that improve your overall experience and give you more control over who you view and match with, and who can view you.


Badoo Premium APK Features:

 See who adds you to their favorites

Insecure about how a chat went? With Badoo Premium, you can see just how into you a potential date is/was by being notified when someone adds you to their favorites.

See who likes your profile

Unsure about all the swiping and the matches being recommended by the app? See which users looked you up or came across your profile and liked it, and go forward with more confidence to meet new people and make new friends.

Get your messages to read first

Put yourself out there and improve your chances of getting a date by using this feature to make sure your messages are on top of the notification list for potential matches and therefore read first.

Undo / Redo swipes

Go back to change the direction of your swipe if you have had a change of heart or mind. All your swipes are permanent in the base Badoo app, but you can go back and turn a left swipe to a right swipe with Badoo Premium APK.

And more…

Improvements in several little features, like viewing invisible users, really makes Badoo Premium APK an exciting upgrade from your regular app.

Using the 5 million-plus reviews on the Google Play Store, we went through some of the most popular and most recent ones to summarize public/user opinion about the app for your convenience.



  •       Easily meet like-minded people near you.

The geotagging feature helps you find people nearby, even people you might have bumped into before on a walk or a bus ride!

  •       Enjoy secure chats even with strangers.

Badoo limits the profiles you can interact with and profiles that can interact with you.

  •       Largest dating network in the world

Badoo has over four million users, so your chances of meeting people are statistically higher.



  •       Fake Profiles

Badoo does not currently employ an AI system to detect and remove fake profiles. Some users have become wary of this, and it has disturbed their experience.

  •       Hollow Upgrades

A lot of users seem to be frustrated with the premium features of the app and its pricing. It appears you need to upgrade to premium to access several features that should be basic, such as viewing people who liked your profile or chatting with certain members.

  •       Further Charges after Premium

Some users have complained that after upgrading to premium, they were still charged extra / told to pay extra to have increased messages to each chat. In public opinion, this wastes the point of purchasing the premium, to begin with.

  •       Not enough “premium” features

With the above in mind, a few users have also concluded that it is viable to use the app in its base form without upgrading to premium and have a similar experience because they did not feel that the premium version offered anything to keep paying for.

  •       Awkward Customer Support

For all customer support inquiries that don’t immediately make sense to you, you have to contact the support team at From our observations, they tend to respond to reviews, both positive and negative, on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How to install Badoo Premium:

For android devices

For Premium Version Download the app by clicking on download button below.

Download Badoo Premium APK


Or Download Stock application here

Tap install.

Once the app icon appears on your default apps screen, tap it to launch the Badoo app.

Follow instructions therein to create an account and learn to use the app.

For desktop

You can still enjoy your favorite android applications on a desktop platform, through an emulator.

Use google search to your advantage to find an emulator application or service for your desktop.

Once your emulator application is downloaded and installed, complete setup and then use it as if you were using an android device.

That is, launch the Google Play Store or Google Play Store website, find Badoo, and download.

Potential emulator applications you could look into are NoxPlayer or BlueStacks.

Some emulators might be pay to use, while most tend to be freeware.

Permissions required by the Badoo Premium APK

Due to its nature as a social networking app, Badoo needs access to a varied list of data, both personal and impersonal, to help track you and the people recommended to you.

The following permissions are required for the app to function:

  •       Camera

To take pictures and videos, and to enable video calling.

  •       Photos / Media / Files

Read the contents of your USB storage.

  •       Location

For geotagging purposes to recommend matches in your geographical location

Precise location (Via GPS and network)

Approximate location (Via network)

  •       Phone

For identification and phone status purposes

  •       Camera

To take pictures and videos, and to enable video calling.

  •       Microphone

To record audio and make phone calls

  •       Device ID and Call Information

For identification and phone status purposes


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Badoo free?


Badoo is completely free to install and begin using. Some features are paid for and available only in the premium version. Badoo registration is not only free but also very quick to set up.

Why are my messages limited?

The Badoo team found that unlimited messages were an aid to a lot of their young users experiencing unwanted attention and traffic, and therefore to prevent annoying matches or chats, Badoo implements an upper limit on the number of messages you can send to a certain member.

Are there any other ways to access Badoo?


If you do not want to commit to downloading an entire app, or perhaps if you use an older mobile phone that does not support the Badoo app, you can access Badoo’s service and features via a regularly maintained and updated mobile web site.

 How does a successful encounter happen?

Using mutuals- if both you and your match swipe right when prompted with each other’s profiles, Badoo figures that you like each other and then provides you with the opportunity to chat with each other.

How does Badoo differ from other dating networks and dating apps?

Badoo believes in honesty in everything from the first contact to relationships. That is why Badoo’s selling points include honest, unfiltered conversation. Badoo understands that society today sells self-doubt by the bundle, which is why they have extensive safety features in place as well as a constant motivation to be true to yourself.

How much does Badoo’s premium subscription cost and is it a fixed price?

Badoo Premium prices differ based on the country and hence currency. Although the price of a premium component may change without prior notice, the price displayed in the app will always be true and accurate.

How do I cancel Premium / unsubscribe from Badoo Premium?

Subscriptions are offered for different periods, starting from as short a time period as a week. All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you choose to deactivate automatic renewal at least twenty-four (24) hours before automatic renewal, which is at the end of your current subscription period.

So in conclusion, the Badoo Premium service subscription is flexible and adaptable to your needs, you can cancel any subscription from renewing, any time until 24 hours before the renewal.

What do the uninstall metrics mean?

We said before that Badoo is the largest dating network, used by over 4.5 million users to find their perfect match. That said, approximately thirteen thousand people delete/uninstall the Badoo app every day because they have met the person they were looking for on Badoo. If that is not a success story metric, we don’t know what is.


Being the largest dating social network in the world, Badoo provides the dating services any dating app promises to provide, but on a larger scale. Despite recent complaints, the app has served its user base for a very long time and is still in active use.

It is probably best to make your own decision by downloading and checking the app out. If you do not feel that the basic version of the app offers enough freedom, it is recommended that you be as sure as possible that you want to upgrade to premium.


The Badoo app is the easiest way to make new friends and meet new people in areas close to you. Tried and trusted by over ten million users (based on ten million-plus unique user installs on the Google Play Store), Badoo has helped quite a fraction of its user base find love and ended the need for them to use dating apps long term once and for all.

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