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AZWhatsapp is a modified and enhanced version of the official WhatsApp available for android smartphones. This version includes features that are not available yet in the official application. AZ Whatsapp does not require rooting your android phone; thus, it saves you from voiding your phone warranty issues.
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AZWhatsapp APK – A feature-rich unique messenger

Are you looking for an advanced modded variant of WhatsApp that you can use without rooting your android smartphone? AZWhatsapp APK gives you an edge over WhatsApp in unique features without getting you banned from the official application.

The concept behind AZWhatsapp APK is to make the messenger experience more joyful and more customizable. There are many modded versions available, but this is the most stable version available with a unique feature of in-app language translation. You can speak to your foreign friends without interruption of language translation.

What is AZWhatsapp?

AZWhatsapp is a modified and enhanced version of the official WhatsApp available for android smartphones. This version includes features that are not available yet in the official application. AZ Whatsapp does not require rooting your android phone; thus, it saves you from voiding your phone warranty issues. Occasionally, this is also known as Red Whatsapp because of its bright red color interface, although you can change it to any theme you like.

Exclusive features of AZWhatsapp APK:

In-app Translation:

The translation feature gives you the freedom to have conversations in more than 15 languages; you can also translate one or more messages instantly and easily from one language to your required language. Supported languages include Arabic, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polsky, Malayalam, Japonsky, Indonesian, Norwegian, Slovak, Albanian, French, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

Exciting New Themes:

One of the most exciting features is the ability to change the look and feel of the chats. AZ Whatsapp contains a big library of themes and wallpapers to choose styles for your conversations. The library is connected with the AZ Whatsapp server and contains 3000+ themes to download for free.

Different Fonts:
This version supports up to 30 different types of exciting fonts. Select your desired font style and enjoy your conversations.

Duplicated Media Issues:
Duplicated files are stressful; they consume a lot of storage, makes the smartphone slower, and decrease performance. AZ Whatsapp adequately addresses this issue and allows you to detect duplicate media files and remove them conveniently automatically.

Full Application Lock:
You should not worry about messenger privacy anymore because AZ Whatsapp Mod gives you complete control over the app and lets you set a passcode or a pattern to open the app.

Single Conversation Lock:
While having a complete application lock feature, In this version, we have one more privacy feature that allows you to lock specific conversations while leaving other chats open.

Anti-Delete for Messages:
You don’t want the sender can delete messages for you? Then this feature is useful, and you can have actual control over conversations.

In-App Customizations:
AZ Whatsapp gives you the power to modify the layout according to your taste. Therefore, it gives you the liberty to choose diverse app icons, navigation bar, status bar, and background changes.

Complete control over Privacy:
AZWhatsapp version is very good at keeping your stuff private, whether it’s about ticks in chats like a single tick, double tick, blue tick, and further control over play status, typing status, and recording status. It enhances the overall experience of privacy in conversations very well.

Long Video Status:
You can set long videos as status with this specialty, and AZWhatsapp can automatically split a long video into short clips. Choose your media through settings and select the Automatically split video option.

Media transfer limitations:
With this version, you can send 100 full-resolution original size images at once without any interruption. You can also send video clips sizing up to 55 megabytes.

Contacts Profile Picture Change Alert:
You can choose specific contacts to get an alert when they change their profile pictures.

Contact Online Status Alert:
This feature only works if you have already had conversations with the specific contact. If you enable this option, then you will get an alert the moment your connection is online.

Do Not Disturb Mode:
Do Not Disturb Mode is a unique feature in this version and gives peace of mind when you don’t want any distractions. So, You can turn on Do Not Disturb Mod just for AZWhatsapp as it cuts off the Internet connection between application and system.

Schedule Your Messages:
This feature allows you to schedule your messages quickly and send them automatically at the required time.

Status Characters Limitation:
In this version, the status character limit extends to 250 characters from the default 139 characters. Enjoy long status!

Block Delivery for Audio Messages:
You can control to prevent receiving and downloading unnecessary audio messages from all or specific contacts.

This measure gives you the capability to set the auto-reply function for specific contacts or all contacts. You can easily customize your auto-reply text.

No Root Needed:
One of the essential features, You can safely use AZ Whatsapp without rooting your android phone.

Multiple Whatsapp Accounts:
Utilizing AZWhatsapp2, you can use four different WhatsApp accounts on the same android device.

Extended Expiry Date:
This feature enables you to extend the expiry time for your status and show it to your friends as long as you want.

AZWhatsapp Anti Ban APK:

You can safely use this app as it includes an anti-ban feature that will prevent you from getting banned by the official WhatsApp application.


azwhatsapp apk



Comparison of features among AZWhatsapp and Official Whatsapp


FeaturesAZWhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Cross-Language ConversationYesNo
Fonts CustomizationYesNo
Duplicate Content ManagementYesNo
Cloud BackupYesYes
Application LockYesNo
Themes CustomizationYesNo
Specific Conversation LockYesNo
Anti-Delete Feature for sent messagesYesNo
Layout CustomizationsYesNo
Status Privacy ControlsYesNo
Long Video StatusYesNo
Enhanced Media Transfer LimitYesNo
Alerts for Online ContactsYesNo
Alerts for Profile Picture ChangeYesNo
Do Not Disturb ModeYesNo
Schedule Your MessagesYesNo
Status Character LimitationYesNo


Pros and Cons:
We have gathered real user data divided into Pros and Cons for you to make a better decision.

Pros (Things users loved aside from features mentioned above)

• Most Users love the design freedom of the app.
• Expand control over your chat.
• Transparent interface.

Cons (Things users complained about)

  • Some users reported installation bugs and crashing issues.
  • Lagging and late updates


How to download and install AZWhatsapp APK?

AZ Whatsapp is a modded version; therefore, you will not find it in Google Play Store.
For the installation of AZWhatsapp latest APK, few simple steps are involved but pay close attention to every step.

To retrieve old chats from official Whatsapp, you need to take backup inside the official application.
If you want a fresh start, then this backup is not needed.

Below is the step by step procedure.

For Retrieving Old Chats Backup

Step 1: Take a backup >> Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup.

Note: It is recommended to make a Google Drive Backup also in case something goes wrong

Step 2: Uninstall the official WhatsApp.


Step 3: Now select AZWhatsapp New Version Download.

Step 4: Now allow installation from unknown resources and then install the downloaded AZWhatsapp APK file.

Step 5: Open it and tap on Setting permissions >> Allow all permissions.

Step 6: Once done, then close AZWhatsapp and open again. Click on Agree and Continue button.

Step 7: Now, Enter your Mobile number there and click on the Copy WhatsApp Button.
Once you have done that, you will get a notification says successful.


azwhatsapp apk


For Fresh AZ Whatsapp Account

Step 1: Allow installation from unknown resources; click Install on the AZWhatsapp APK File.

Step 2: Enter your phone number on which you want to use AZWhatsapp; after that, you will receive a verification code to enter.
Enter the code, and you are good to go!



What is AZWhatsapp MOD?

AZWhatsapp is a modified and enhanced version of the official Whatsapp.

How to download AZWhatsapp?

There are plenty of websites providing AZWhatsapp APK files to download into your android smartphone directly.

How to Install AZWhatsapp?

  1. First, Allow installation from unknown resources in your phone settings.
  2. Open the downloaded APK file and verify your phone number.
  3. After Verification, You will get an alert saying successful.

Is AZWhatsapp safe?

There are many downloads and usage of AZWhatsapp, Although we still recommend you to be cautious.

What is the difference between AZ Whatsapp and Red Whatsapp?

Both are the same; there is no difference between them.

Other available modded versions of Whatsapp in the market:

YOWhatsapp: This version is relatively similar to AZWhatsapp but lacking some features. This version is also known as AZWhatsapp baixar and AZ Whatsapp terbaru.

AZWhatsapp blue: Because the layout of the standard version of AZWhatsapp is bright red, there is a blue version of AZWhatsapp that is also available to download from different websites.

AZWhatsapp green: As a blue version of AZWhatsapp, a green version is also available with the same features but having a green layout.

AZWhatsapp indir: This modded version of Whatsapp is solely designed for the region of Azerbaijan and available to download at different Azeri APK sites. This version is also known as azwhatsapp plus indir.

AZWhatsapp son versiya: This version of AZWhatsapp is also designed by an Azeri developer and currently available for the region of Azerbaijan. This is also called as azwhatsapp plus son versiya.


AZWhatsapp latest version 2020 proves to be one of the best official WhatsApp alternatives with more advanced features. Although it is a modded version of WhatsApp, it is lighter and causes no performance disturbance. The developer is continuously working on application performance, and we can expect further updates in the future.

What's new

  • Added new emojis
  • Added you can participants in groups
  • New options settings
  • New changelog design
  • New settings design
  • New notify bar icons

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