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Audible Premium APK – Exclusive Audio Books

Are you a bookworm looking for an application that provides you with audios and podcasts of your favorite books? Then, to your luck, Audible premium apk is the right pick for you. Audible apk is an application that provides you with exclusive audio content, podcasts, and inspiring stories via audio from some of the best story-tellers. Audible pro apk is the best pick for anyone who loves listening to book audios; it provides you a listen for every moment. It lets you listen over and over to audio content from some of your favorite books. You can binge audios on Audible apk on a daily basis.

Audible apk pro is convenient and excellent. It lets you listen to your heart’s content without any interference. You can start a free 1 month trial on Audible premium apk. Books have always been an element that transports you and lets you explore another world. Audible lets you listen to the inspiring, heart-warming stories and takes you to the world of imagination. You can listen to audio contents of books and various podcasts by best-selling authors through audible pro apk.

What is Audible Premium Apk?

Audible pro is an application that lets you listen to audio and podcasts from your favorite books anytime, anywhere. Audible apk is one of the most widely used and highly recognized apk applications for being excellent in terms of delivering audio contents of books and providing interesting podcasts from writers. You have an interesting number of categories to choose from in the Audible premium apk. It also gives you many meditation titles for you to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time. Audible has made the audio-content listening method of the books more comfortable. It is easily accessible, and you can create your own audible apk library to binge-listen to your favorite audios.


Audible pro apk is comprised of three crucial elements that take you into the world of audio listening. The catalog ensures audiobooks, captivating podcasts, and audio titles for you to enjoy. It also has a premium mode as an in-app installation which can be installed to enjoy premium features of the Audible apk.


Audiobooks are crucial elements of the Audible apk. Audible apk provides you the audio version of your favorite books. Now except reading, you are able to listen and enjoy your favorite books anytime, anywhere by just a simple click on the play button. It serves excellence in terms of delivering the story from any book with a highly captivating recorded voice which takes you deep into the world of the book. You tend to become easily obsessed enough with this app to binge-listen to the content it provides. Audiobooks can also be added to your created library of Audible premium apk. It is a premium feature with you can enjoy whilst do almost anything. Nowadays, people rarely have time to comprehend the whole book in one read. But audiobooks by Audible apk are an easy way to listen and understand the book of your choice while doing almost anything.


Audible pro apk delivers interesting podcasts from the writers of the respective books you listen to. It also contains informing podcasts on a variety of topics, some of which are defense, crime, mystery, etc. Audible apk has entirely captivating podcasts that indulge you so much into the content that you forget reality for a moment or two. Podcasts can be from your favorite authors as well. It has a very exclusive feature of containing non-book podcasts, which are very informative and useful, almost like listening to a newspaper on a regular basis which is soothing and relaxing.

Other Audio titles:

Once we pass the audiobooks and podcasts category, there comes a very informative and useful category of audio titles. These can also be added to your Audible apk library, which you create. There are a huge variety of other audios available on the Audible premium apk which do not necessarily belong to any book but, nonetheless, are very useful for you.

A lot of meditation-based audios are also present so, if you want to take your mind somewhere relaxing and be comfortable with no interference, Audible pro apk delivers to your concerns. It provides you with captivating meditation titles. Audible apk also has contents on memoirs and documentaries, which check the informative box on your list.

Premium features:

Audible apk also has an in-app premium version installation. Once you move to the Premium version of Audible pro apk, it permits you to make the following changes:

  • You can create your own library on audible premium apk. You can create a collection of your favorite audios. Even if you choose to eliminate the application from your mobile phone, the audio titles that you purchase will be automatically under your authority- you can keep them.
  • You get a single title worth monthly credit free. You can keep a single title for yourself by using your monthly credit. The titles you can choose from are; mysteries, comedies, thrillers, crime scenes, meditation titles, sci-fi, etc.
  • The most interesting feature that the Audible premium apk delivers is that you can swap titles of purchased audio that you don’t find as interesting with one that you do find interesting.
  • Audible apk also gives 30% off any other title additions that you make from the catalog.
  • Fresh content will be added to the catalog by the developers of audible premium apk every week.
  • From both the premium collection and the audible pro catalog, you can listen to audio offline after downloading and streaming through audiobooks, podcasts, and other audios that serve entertainment purposes.


Audible pro is available on all android devices and does not require any rooting for your android device as it is available on the play store. You can download the application on the google play store by following the given steps:

  1. Open the play store on your mobile.
  2. Search the query bar for Audible: audio-books and podcasts.
  3. Once the Audible icon appears, click on install.
  4. Wait for the application to download.
  5. Open and enjoy the Audible experience.

You can also follow this link which directs you to the Audible page on the play store.

Download Audible on Play Store.

To download the apk file on your PC and transfer it to your mobile phone, please be certain to follow the given steps.

  1. Open a web browser on your PC.
  2. Search the query from a browser of your choice.
  3. Find the Audible apk file and tap to download.
  4. Once downloaded, move this file to mobile via USB cable.
  5. Open the app on an android device, install, and run it.
  6. Enjoy the Audible apk experience.

Or you can just download the latest version of the Audible premium apk from the given link.

Audible premium apk download


Once you find an application like this, there are a lot of concerns regarding that application. To alleviate your concerns, we provide you with some of the most frequent reviews that pop-up in one’s head during the process of installation?

1- Is the audible premium apk on the play store?

Yes, audible apk is up for download at the play store. You can simply visit the play store on your Android device and search for the Audible application. Once it directs you to the application, tap to install it and enjoy the exciting world of Audible.

2- Is audible free?

Yes, the audible is completely free for download on the play store. You can download it from the play store and enjoy its exclusive features.

3- Is the premium version of the Audible apk free?

Although the application itself, whether on the play store or an apk file, is totally free and has a very easy installation process. But, the premium version of the Audible apk comes as an in-app installation that has to be bought on a monthly basis. Though, it gives its users many discounts and bonuses.

4- Can the audible pro apk be used for meditation purposes?

Yes, the audible catalog possesses a category of audio-titles. These are non-book audio related to a number of purposes, and one of those is meditation. So, yes, the audible premium apk does serve meditation purposes.

5- Can I create my own library on the audible apk for free? 

Although you can listen to many audiobooks on audible for free, to create your own library of audiobooks, podcasts, and audio-titles, you must first install the premium version of audible. The application gives you the option of an in-app installation. Once you accept the upgrade, you can create your own library filled with credited audiobooks and podcasts of your choice.

6- If I dislike a purchased audiobook, can I return it? 

If you dislike an audiobook that you have formerly purchased, or it does not seem as interesting as before, you can not return it and get your money back, but you can swap the audio with another one of your choices without having to pay for it again.

7- Are all podcasts on the Audible related to books? 

No, not all podcasts are insights on books. A lot of topics are given on which podcasts are based, some of which are; mystery, crime, defense, politics, meditation, etc. These captivating podcasts make the whole Audible pro experience a lot better. Podcasts are very interesting because they are a sort of alternative to the newspaper. But less time-consuming and more thorough.

8- Is Audible apk on IOS/App store?

Yes, Audible is available on all IOS devices. If you are an IOS user, you can simply download the Audible premium apk through the app store.

open app store>> search for the audible app>> tap to download>> enjoy the amazing Audible experience.

9- How often is new content added to the Audible app? 

The Audible is updated every week. Fresh content is added to the Audible application at the end of each week. These updates keep you enlightened with the world’s progress and ensure that you won’t miss a thing. You can catch up on up-coming audiobooks; whether you have a preference or not; audible has it all.

10- What is the discount on adding audiobooks to the audible premium? 

Audible premium apk gives a 30% discount on any additional changes that you make in your audio library.

11- Can I transfer apk file of Audible to the IOS device from PC?

Yes, you can sync your downloaded audiobooks to the IOS device after downloading the Audible premium application on IOS through the app store.

Connect IOS device and PC via USB cord>> find IOS device through the finder sidebar>> select sync audiobooks>> Select the device you want to sync the audiobooks to>> enjoy your downloaded audiobooks on your IOS device.



Being one of the many applications that contain audio versions of books, audible really stands out! Not only does it contain audiobooks but, it also has a vast variety of topics-related podcasts. Besides all these captivating features, audible premium apk has several audio-titles. The audiobooks can be downloaded and listened to offline. If you manage a premium account of the audible apk, you can create your own library of audiobooks, podcasts, meditation audio clips, and various other audio titles.

Moreover, audible apk gives its users- that use premium accounts- monthly discounts and bonuses. You also get free monthly credit on a single audiobook that you want to buy. Audible apk has many interesting categories of audio-titles other than those that are related to books. For instance, you can listen to captivating mysteries, thrilling crimes, sci-fi, and meditation audio clips.

Audible premium application is best for anyone who enjoys audio versions of books. It also attends to your convenience. You can now listen to books, podcasts, and many other audio titles anywhere. Whether you are in bed, walking your dog, taking a rest, drinking tea, cooking meals for the day, cleaning your house, etc. You can also play your downloaded audiobooks and binge-listen to the audios.

For all the audiobook lovers out there looking for an application that suits their desires, audible is the best recommendation they can possibly get from anyone who prefers listening over reading. So, Download the Audible now!






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