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Enhance your driving experience with Android Auto APK 2021. This Official Android application goes into your android in-dash entertainment system and turns it into a smart Co-pilot. It helps you to get guidance about turn by turn navigation, also lets you control music.
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Android Auto APK 2021 – Making your vehicle’s In-Dash Navigation Smart.

Tired of traditional navigation systems inside your car? try Android Auto APK 2021

Enhance your driving experience with Android Auto APK 2021. This Official Android application goes into your android in-dash entertainment system and turns it into a smart Co-pilot. It helps you to get guidance about turn by turn navigation, also lets you control music. There are many other excellent features loaded in the application.


android auto apk 2021

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a mobile app designed by Google to mirror features from an Android device, such as a smartphone, to a car’s compatible in-dash information and entertainment head unit. The Android Auto APK is used mostly for Google maps, media, and messaging for android.

While using Android Auto, Google Maps navigation filters the shortest route and also notify when there is a lot of traffic at a specific place. Indeed, tourists love to use google maps from all over the world.

Google developed the Android Auto, which shares all the working mechanism as other apps in the Google play store. The infotainment unit of the car pairs with the Android App. When the unit and app are connected, the car’s unit works as the android device’s display. The user gains access to many applications of android in the vehicle.

How to use android Auto?

The answer is as simple as that you only need to download the app by Google play store and then activate it. The Android Auto app easily connects with almost all models of Android Supported In-Dash Navigation Systems. It has large versatile compatibility.

The car’s head unit connects with a compatible phone and works as a working display for using different applications. The GPS navigation and other entertainment apps (music) are easily shown on the head unit’s display screen.

The connectivity of the android auto app is different in each car. Older In-Dash Head units connect with the app by using USB tethering. While Some new modern cars connect with Android Auto wirelessly. In the car’s wireless characteristics, you will only require USB tethering for initiating connectivity, and then your smartphone will remain connected as a Wi-Fi hotspot.


how to use android auto

Pros and Cons

There are many different advantages of Android Auto APK that make this app desirable for worldwide drivers. Every driver wants this app that makes their driving more convenient with very little distraction. Now we will describe some Pros and Cons of using the Android Auto Apk.

Most liked Features (Pros)

The following are the best features of using the Android Auto app.

  • Keeping you connected:

The first pro of using this app will ensure that you will remain connected with your vehicle. This means that the app will alert you about weather conditions and your upcoming appointments.

You will also know about many peaceful destinations for the sake of time spend with your family while sitting in the car. All such things are organized in simple cards by the app. These cards appear at that moment when you demand them.

  • Travel in confidence:

The Google maps of the app will allow you to travel with more confidence. You will give more attention to your driving as compared to remembering the way to your destination. You will eliminate the driver’s fear factor if he/she forgets the route of the destination.

Go where you want to go with more easiness. The app provides free navigation through voice-guided. It also gives more information about live traffic. The lane guidance with this android auto app makes your driving safer, and you will surely reach your place or destination safely.

  • App integration:

The app has access that supports many other apps. You will quickly get easy and fast access to music and media. Also, you can send messages by this app on the display screen of your vehicle.

  • Designed with Safety:

This android auto was specially designed for the safety of users when they drive a car. It is the safest way to access different applications on the smartphone when you drive the vehicle. The app features larger icons, so you can quickly see the icons and select those you want.

Further, the app has a simplified interface. It has featured voice actions that are completely easy to use while driving. All these things reduce different kinds of distractions, and it keeps you always focus on your driving.

  • Controls With Steering:

Android Auto app allows you to control all the integrated apps through steering buttons or center console. If you have to set a destination on Google Maps or want to choose music from Google Play, then you can do it all without touching the screen.

Limitations (Cons):

Overall the Android Auto has many useful features but has few limitations.

  • The app has no street view and does not show a detailed view of streets in maps.
  • Further, the app does not contain Google Earth for maps.
  • It lacks a higher resolution map as compared to In-Dash OEM Navigation Sytems.

Exclusive features:

Multiple Audio Systems Support

This Android Auto APP is designed for the infotainment system featuring both button-controlled and touchscreen controlled. Simultaneously, the new model cars are equipped with a hands-free operation that uses voice commands for functioning. This app efficiently works through voice commands too.

Vehicle ECU Synchronization

Further, this app can be used with different 3rd party EBD Scanners to view and diagnose any issues with the vehicle’s sensors and engine compartment. Android Auto APK 2021 will also have access to the sound system and GPS antennas. This app is like a dream come true for modern-day commuters. It is considered as a super friendly app that supports all other apps easily and quickly. It is a smart driving companion.

Tips to pay attention before downloading:

There are many vital tips that you should keep in mind before downloading the Android Auto APK. The first important tip is that you must be familiar with the version of your smartphone’s software. If your android software is not compatible with the version of the app, you will never be able to use it on your phone.

The second important tip is that your mobile phone must be possessing a strong connection to the internet. If the phone has a poor internet connection, then the downloading process of the application will be interrupted.

How to install Android Auto APK?

The Android Auto app is easy to install on the smartphone. It is the famous app of the Google play store and ensures its quality by testing different user behaviors and reviews throughout the world. After downloading the android auto apk 2021 from the Google play store, the activation of this app in your car is very easy and simple.

The next step after the download of the app is to launch the app. First of all, select the setup button on the dash of the car, and secondly, tap the phone’s connectivity button to the screen of the vehicle. Then enable Android Auto, and your phone is paired with your car.

After that, the android phone is connected to the vehicle by a USB cable. The last step is to tap the Android App button from the home screen of your android mobile. When your Android Auto is connected with the car, then you will have access to different applications while driving the car on busy streets. It is a convenient way of using different applications during driving.

How to connect android auto?

Now there are many options for connectivity for Android Auto App, So we will describe all the possible ways to connect the app to either your mobile phone or vehicle.


how to install android auto apk


Connect the Android Auto on an Android phone:

Be noted that your smartphone must be running an Android OS.

To connect the app on your android phone, follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to go to the google play store and download this app.
  • The second step is to make sure your mobile phone contains a fast and strong connection to the internet. So there is no interruption while downloading the app.
  • The third step is to open the app and download all those apps which this app requests.

Note: By default settings, Android Auto will request to install Google Maps for proper functionality.

  • The fourth step is to agree to the terms and conditions of the app by reading them accurately.
  • The fifth step is to give permission to the app and allow the app to access all the mobile phone features and applications. You may turn on the android auto-notifications to get the best experience of the app.

Now, if you want to pair using Bluetooth, then apply the following steps:

  • You have to select the right device that you want to choose for Bluetooth and then enable auto-launch.

If you want to connect by USB Tethering then follow the below steps:

  • Plug your mobile into the car by using a USB cable and download the app.
  • After that, turn on the ignition switch, it’s not necessary to turn on the engine. This connectivity takes very little time, but you should do it in a stopped car.
  • The last step is to permit the app to have access to apps on your smartphone.


Music play android


No doubt, Android Auto is the best app to use while driving. It makes your use of the mobile phone more easily while driving. The app will guide you through maps, also you can listen to music by connecting the app to your vehicle. Indeed, this app is a versatile app that supports many applications on your mobile phone.

The app is compatible with the vehicle by using a USB cable, or it can also connect wirelessly. It improves your driving experience. It will surely reduce all the distractions made by your phone while driving. This is a great application to use when you go for a long drive or to any work in your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

The following are some most common and important frequently asked questions that will help you find the answer to your question.

Can I use Android Auto without USB?

Yes, Android Auto provides the functionality to connect wirelessly to your vehicle. But firstly, you need a USB cable for the initial start-up of the connection, then you can remove the USB cable. The wireless connection remains strong throughout its functioning.

Does Android Auto use large mobile data?

The approximate data used by Android Auto is about 5-10 MB. If you have limited data, then this app will also work until the end of your data. This app will not use a huge amount of data and work very well with all other apps it supports.

Do I need to install Android Auto?

If you want to use the Android Auto app, you have to install it from the Google play store. For the app’s use, your phone operating system version must be compatible with the app version, and your vehicle’s in-dash system must be also compatible with the Android Auto app. For best compatibility, the latest version of the android software of your phone is suggested.

Does Android Auto work without WiFi?

Yes, Android Auto also works without a wireless connection too. Most of the vehicles with older generation in-dash systems work with a USB cable for the connectivity of the app. A USB cable is connected to your smartphone and the vehicle. And then use the app through the head unit of your vehicle.

Is Android Auto free?

Yes, Android Auto is a free app in the Google Play Store. Even the Google maps supported by this app is also free. There is no need to pay any subscription or a one-time fee for an updated version of Google Maps.

Does Android Auto work with Bluetooth?

The Android Auto easily works with the Bluetooth connection. By using Bluetooth, you can easily execute music over the sound system of your car. Many major apps like Pandora and Spotify are compatible with Android Auto.

How to update Android Auto?

The update of Android Auto is easier. Firstly, proceed to the google play store. After that, please select the option of My apps and games. There you will able to find the Android Auto and then click the update button for the latest version of the app.

Can I demonstrate Google Maps on the screen of the vehicle?

The Google Maps are supported by Android Auto, and when you download the Android Auto, you will connect your phone to the vehicle. Then you will see the Google maps on the display screen of the head unit of your vehicle.

Does Android Auto Voice Guided Navigation?

Android Auto does support voice-guided navigation and also provided all other traffic-related information. Google Maps guides you to an easy and short route to reach your destination. The app also provides lane guidance that helps to stay in your line and make you alert for a wrong movement by vehicle.

Can I add more apps to Android Auto?

Android Auto supports many applications. You can add many more apps to Android Auto as you want. Google maps and many other entertainment apps like music and video apps are supported by Android Auto.

Final words:

The Android Auto APK 2021 is considered to be the best app for the vehicles as it has large access to different applications as compared to CarPlay. The Google maps and the entertainment app make your driving experience the best. The downloading, connectivity, and using of this app is easier. We hope you will get all the answers to your possible questions about Android Auto APK by reading our article.

What's new

• Improved Do Not Disturb functionality.
• Dark mode on car UI is now independent from the phone.
• Bug fixes and other improvements.



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