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AccuBattery Pro APK is an app designed to help extend your phone or tablet's battery life. The AccuBattery app by Digibites contains features that safeguard battery health.
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AccuBattery Pro APK – Keep your battery in top shape

What is AccuBattery Pro APK?

AccuBattery Pro APK is an app designed to help extend your phone or tablet’s battery life. The AccuBattery app by Digibites contains features that safeguard battery health. It also lets you view battery usage information to know where your battery is being used and includes a tool to measure battery capacity in mAh.


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Battery life and wear

Phone batteries go through a lot. Batteries wear out when phones are in use and when apps are running background activities when phones are not in use. Another thing that causes batteries to deteriorate is recharging. It seems a little counterproductive, but charging your device does cause the battery to wear out slowly over time.

Charging your battery using a fast charger causes battery performance and life to degrade faster than regular chargers. This is because the 0% to 100% charge cycle used in fast charging produces more heat, and overheating damages the battery. However, charging a battery will cause battery performance to degrade over time, no matter how it is done.

Smartphones and tablets use lithium-ion batteries as their source of power. When you charge a lithium-ion battery, charge carriers (ions) move between the battery’s electrodes. Repeated cycles of charging wear the electrodes out, reducing battery capacity.

You can read more about smartphone batteries and their charging cycles and depletion in this NY Times article.

AccuBattery and protecting battery health

With AccuBattery Pro APK, you can use the app’s built-in charge alarm to extend battery life. The AccuBattery app also shows you detailed statistics and information about how much wear your battery has endured during a charging session.

AccuBattery uses information from the battery charge controller of your phone to measure accurate battery usage. Typically, battery usage per app is calculated by combining the battery being used by apps in the foreground. Your android phone, by default, makes these calculations by using profiles provided by device manufacturers. These numbers, however, are not as accurate as we want them to be.

With the AccuBattery app, you can actively monitor how much battery your device is utilizing. You can also find out predicted battery life and how long you can use your device in both active and standby modes. AccuBattery also displays detailed information about battery usage, including how much battery the apps in use are consuming. You can also check how frequently your device enters and leaves a deep sleep mode.


accubattery pro apk

AccuBattery and charging speed

Do you know there are several types of charging cables available on the market that claim to charge your phone faster? You can use AccuBattery to find what the fastest charger and USB cable for your phone or tablet would be by measuring the charging current in milliAmperes (mA).

Another thing you can do is see the speed at which your device is charging, whether the screen is on or off. You can also quickly tell how long it will take for your phone to reach full charge and be alerted when it finishes charging.

Features of Accubattery Pro

This section lists some of the features that make AccuBattery Pro APK a good investment for your smart device.

–       Measure battery capacity

AccuBattery lets you measure actual battery capacity in mAh.

–       Charge Alarm

The charge alarm is a feature in the AccuBattery app that can be used to prolong battery lifespan.

Overcharging your phone can cause your battery to heat up and degrade much faster than it would on a regular use basis. You can use the charge alarm feature and set it up to alert you when your device’s battery has charged up to your desired percentage.

Then you can take your device off charging.

–       Analyze battery wear

You can see a detailed view of how much wear your battery goes through during each charging session.

–       Analyze battery consumption

You can see how much battery is consumed by each app.

–       View rate of battery discharge

You can see the speed at which your battery discharges when used in certain conditions.

–       View remaining charge time

You can check how much time is left until your battery reaches full charge.

–       View remaining use time

– You can view an estimation of how much use time you have before your battery will fully discharge.

–       View battery estimations based on screen time

You can view battery consumption estimations, and charge time, and remaining use time estimations based on the screen being on or off.

–       Check standby percentage

You can check the percentage of a deep sleep, i.e., the device being in standby mode, and its effects on your battery life.

–       Live notifications

You can also set up consistent notifications to get real-time updates about your battery statistics. With notifications, you can have access to battery information at a glance instead of launching the AccuBattery app for every update.

The AccuBattery app is free to download and use. However, there is a PRO version of the app available that offers some additional benefits and features. 

The following list summarizes the extra features of the AccuBattery Pro app.

Pro Features

–       Dark Themes

With the premium version of AccuBattery Pro APK, you not only get information about your phone or tablet’s battery life, but you also get options to help improve it. AccuBattery Pro offers Dark and Amoled Black themes that you can switch between to save battery life by reducing screen brightness.

–       Charging Session History

In the free version of the AccuBattery app, you can only access information related to a charging session during that charging session. With AccuBattery Pro, you can view previous charging sessions’ details to see how your battery fared in them.

This information may be beneficial if you are trying to find the right charger or charge time for your phone or tablet and make comparisons.

–       Detailed Notifications

AccuBattery’s free version allows you to get quick bites of information about your battery via push notifications. AccuBattery’s premium version (AccuBattery Pro) takes this one step further. With AccuBattery Pro, you can set your notifications up such that you receive in-depth battery statistics in them.

–       Ad-free

As with most free software and mobile applications, the free version of AccuBattery uses in-app advertisements to make the app free for you to use. When you upgrade to AccuBattery Pro APK, you no longer have to deal with pesky ads and focus on getting the information you need faster and more efficiently.

The AccuBattery app is reviewed favorably on the Google Play Store. It is reviewed at an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars, averaged over 251,747 total reviews. Over 10 million users have installed AccuBattery. The following pros and cons section has been inspired after going through several user reviews on the Google Play Store.



Pros and Cons of Accubattery Pro


–       Provides extensive details about your battery

The AccuBattery app provides details about your battery, its capacity, and overall health.

–       Provides information about consumption per app

You can use AccuBattery to find power-hungry apps in your phone or apps that consume more battery running in the background.

–       Offers dark mode to save battery

Bright screens and colors deplete battery life quicker. AccuBattery offers a dark theme not to waste as much battery when navigating through the app.

–       Provides detailed charging stats

In addition to general statistics about your battery’s capacity and health, AccuBattery also provides detailed charging statistics. Charging statistics include your device’s battery’s charge time, remaining use time, charging speed, etc.

–       Offers critical data in notifications

You can set up push notifications in both the free and paid versions of the AccuBattery Pro APK. You can view key data about your battery via notifications in the free version, so you do not have to launch the app to check for important updates.

In the premium version of AccuBattery, AccuBattery Pro, you can set your live notifications up to send you more detailed notifications. So you do not have to launch the app for minor details, and only when you need specific information.

–       Saves charge history

Suppose you use the premium version of AccuBattery. In that case, the app saves charging session histories so you can review them later if needed.


–       Might not work the same on all android devices or versions

Some users complained that their devices did not respond in the same way to the AccuBattery app.

There may be audio desynchronization issues for the charge alarm or push notifications on some devices. If a problem like this occurs when you are trying to use the AccuBattery app, please contact developers or support for help.

–       Battery Capacity information may not always be 100% accurate

Some users noted that although the battery statistics displayed by AccuBattery were in reasonable detail, sometimes battery capacity information, in particular, was not incredibly accurate. This issue arises when you change your battery, and the app doesn’t realize, or sometimes when you have a new phone or tablet.

To be extra sure of your battery capacity, we recommend that you run a calibration every once in a while. You can complete calibration to measure battery capacity by charging your phone to 100%, then letting it drain fully, to 0%, every once in a while.

–       No reset option for health measurements

You cannot reset health measurements manually after you change out a battery or fix it. This could be an issue if you intend to use the device or AccuBattery for extended periods, such that battery replacement could come up.

At the moment, the quickest solution to this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the AccuBattery app. Reinstalling the app resets all information saved within the app and calibrates the app to your device’s battery at the time of install.

–       Notification frequency is unpredictable 

A much rarer complaint was that live notifications occurred too frequently, and there was no way to turn them off. This could be off-putting if not fixed in a future update.

Currently, the easiest fix to this problem is uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

This issue in particular, however, is uncommon, and it is unlikely that you would have to deal with it.

We recommend that you still give AccuBattery a try if you are looking for an easy way to manage and protect your phone or tablet’s battery health.

Installation Guide

AccuBattery, at this moment in time, is only available for android devices. If you are an iPhone user, you can find similar apps that offer related functionality on the Apple App Store. We will present some alternatives to AccuBattery for Apple users later in this section.

To install AccuBattery on your android phone or tablet:

Google Play Store

The AccuBattery app is widespread and easily accessible on the Google Play Store. You can look it up by typing “AccuBattery” in the search bar or by looking for it in the ‘Tools’ category on the Play Store. You can also go to the developer’s profile (Digibites) and find it in their published apps.

AccuBattery | Google Play Store


If for any reason you cannot or do not want to install the app directly from the app store, you can opt for third-party APK files. APKs are Android Package Application files. They are essential to Android what ‘.exe’ files are to Windows. APK files act as setup files and need to be installed onto your phone or tablet after downloaded.

Ensure that you use a reliable web service or blog to source your APK file. Once you have your APK downloaded, tap the icon that represents it to begin the installation. Once the installation is complete, you can access, launch, and use your desired application as usual.

Download Accubattery Pro APK


Alternatives to AccuBattery for your iOS device:

The most popular alternative to AccuBattery is Battery Master +. Unfortunately, Battery Master is not free. If you are okay with paying for battery statistics and similar features for your iPhone or iPad, you can use the following link to download Battery Master.

A free alternative to AccuBattery is Battery Life Doctor Pro. You can use the following link to download Battery Life Doctor for your Apple device.

Can you use AccuBattery for desktop?

Usually, we suggest that you use android emulators to run android applications in a desktop setting. However, in the case of apps that interact directly with your handheld smart device’s hardware, emulators are not recommended.

Because the app exists to give you information about your phone or tablet’s physical lithium-ion battery, it would be useless in a simulated “software” version of an android device (an emulator).

Therefore, you cannot use AccuBattery on desktop devices and may have to look into desktop applications that proffer similar functionality.

More Information

Technical Information about AccuBattery

Size – 4.4 M

Installs – 10,000,000+

Current Version – 1.3.5

Android Requirement – Requires Android 5.0 and up

Content Rating – E (for Everyone)

Interactive Elements – Digital Purchases 

In-App Purchases – Prices range from $1.99 to $21.99 per item

Permissions Required – 

– Storage (USB Storage)

– Wi-Fi connection information

– Device and App History

– Photos/Media/Files

– Run at startup

– Control vibration

– Receive data from the internet

– Draw over other apps

– Prevent device from sleeping

To view more details about the permissions required, follow this link and click on View Permissions in the app details.

Last Updated – February 17th, 2020

Developer Information

ID – Digibites

Website –

Email – [email protected]

Help and Support 

Digibites is a small, independent app development group that has a passion for battery quality. 

AccuBattery has been designed solely to improve battery quality and present accurate battery statistics. It does not require permission to access your private information, nor does it use your personal information in any way. AccuBattery makes no false claims and has research to back up its working and battery calculations.

If you need a tutorial on how to use AccuBattery, follow the link below.

Tutorial: Click Here

If you want to go to the official AccuBattery website, follow the link below.

Website: Click Here

To read more about the research that Digibites uses for AccuBattery, click on the following link.

Research: Click Here

Suppose you have used AccuBattery’s free version and liked the way it works. In that case, the developers suggest that you upgrade to Pro for even more features.

What's new

• Minor update for Android compatibility.
• Added workarounds for broken Android 10 roms - battery state changes are not sent to apps correctly leading to stuck values.
• Fixed notification sound issues - settings are reset to default.
• 1.3.5: Fixed sometimes not starting on phone reboot.


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